To choose the right forklift model for your business’ material handling needs, there are many factors to consider. They include whether the forklift will be used indoors or outdoors, the capacity, maximum lift height, and fuel type. Engine and fuel type are some of the most important considerations you will factor into your pick. Forklift fuel sources include electric, gas, diesel, and propane, with propane becoming more popular with most businesses. Accurate Forklift offers forklift rental services and has a large fleet featuring propane forklifts in different capacities. If you are considering renting a forklift, in this blog, we share four benefits of choosing a propane engine. Read on.

Consistent power

If increased productivity and time are important factors in your business operations, you will benefit from propane forklifts as they provide reliable and consistent power. One tank of liquid propane fuel generally lasts about eight hours and the power remains consistent until the tank runs out. When refueling, you simply need to replace the empty cylinder with a new one and secure it in place with a couple of latches. The refueling process takes less than five minutes. Propane forklifts are more suitable for operating in busy work environments such as warehouses.


Propane forklifts tend to cost less to buy and set up as compared to electric models for which you have to factor the costs of battery replacement and charging station. Compared to diesel, propane is cheaper and on average, a gallon of propane costs 2.81 dollars, 0.43 cents less than diesel.  Having a fuel exchange agreement with a local propane supplier can help you by getting the cylinders conveniently delivered to your workplace at a schedule that meets your operational needs.

Low maintenance

Although all forklifts require regular maintenance, those that run on propane offer better maintenance options resulting in longer operating life. Propane forklifts come with extensive sensoring technology that causes the truck to shut down if there is any problem including fuel issues. Propane does not produce significant engine deposits, which make the engine last up to twice as other fuels such as gasoline.


One of the main benefits of choosing propane forklifts is their environmental-friendly nature. Propane is considered to be a clean-burning fuel that is non-toxic and easier on the environment due to fewer greenhouse gas emissions. This means you can operate a propane forklift in enclosed spaces without compromising the air quality.

The Final Word

Accurate Forklift rental service in Atlanta offers a huge inventory of different forklift types across all fuel types including propane, gas, diesel, and electric, making it easy to find one that caters to your requirements. Discuss your requirements today with our forklift rental service team. Call us at 770-692-1455 or email rentals@accurateforklift.net, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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