There are a wide range of forklift types and a wide selection of popular brands available for rent at many forklift rental service providers in locations such as Atlanta and other states in the USA. Accurate Forklift is one of the forklift rental providers that offer forklift trucks of various shapes, sizes, and load capacities. Our rental fleet is well maintained and serviced and always in good working condition.  With each of these forklifts designed for a specific application and offering its own unique set of features, choosing the right forklift perfect for your application can be challenging.  Selecting the wrong truck can result in wasting money, time, and effort, this is why it is important to understand the forklift classes available. In this blog, we share four common forklift classes offered at forklift rental services in Atlanta GA. Read on.


1. Class One: Electric Motor Rider

In class one forklifts there are electric motor rider trucks that are electric-powered and are ideal for indoors, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses applications. Since they are powered by electric lead-acid, thin plate pure lead, lithium-Ion, or Hydrogen Fuel Cell, they produce no emissions and are much quieter. Their load capacity ranges from 2500 to 12000 lbs and with electrical systems that range between 24 and 80 volts.

2. Class Two: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle

Electric motor narrow aisle models are class two forklifts that are designed with great maneuverability that enables them to operate in narrow aisles and tight spaces. These forklift trucks are ideal for picking and putting away inventory in large storage warehouses and high Shelves. They are powered by electric lead-acid, thin plate pure lead, or lithium-Ion battery, producing no emissions. Their load capacity ranges from 1500 to 5500 lbs.

3. Class Three: Electric Pallet Jacks

Class three forklifts include stackers, tow tractors, and electric pallet jacks. These forklifts are designed for unloading deliveries and moving loads to loading areas, Indoors, and long distances. This class of forklifts is available in both rider and walk-behind models. Since they are powered by electric lead-acid, thin plate pure lead, or lithium-Ion batteries, they produce no emissions. The loading capacity of class three forklifts ranges from 2000 to 10000 lbs

4. Class Four: Internal Combustion Cushion Tire

Class four equipment includes internal combustion cushion tire forklifts trucks that come in sit-down models. These forklifts are designed for Indoors, smooth floors, and loading docks applications. Class four forklifts are equipped with solid, cushioned tires that are not air-filled and provide a smooth ride on indoor surfaces. They are powered by internal combustion engines that operate on diesel fuel, LP gas, gasoline, and compressed natural gas. The loading capacity of class four trucks ranges from 3000 to 15500 lbs.

Summing Up 

The above-listed are some of the forklift classes that you can find for rent and you can use them to decide whether an electric or internal combustion forklift is right for your application. Accurate Forklift is a forklift rental service in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in different makes and models of forklift trucks and we offer affordable packages on rental deals. For more information on available deals on forklifts for sale in Atlanta, Georgia or to discuss your requirements, simply call 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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