Outdoor forklift operations can be more challenging when compared to indoor operations for a variety of reasons. Construction sites, docks or container yards, and lumber yards are some of the common outdoor forklift applications on rough terrain. If you are transiting from indoor to outdoor operations, it is important not to overlook certain safety precautions along with aspects such as proper forklift service and maintenance. Accurate Forklift gives you easy access to affordable forklift repair and maintenance services in Atlanta. Continuing with the subject in this blog, we share four forklift safety tips for outdoor operations. Read on.

1.Check tires and fluids

The first thing to do before you step foot onto a forklift is to conduct preparation checks that include checking fluids and tires. As the forklift will be operating on uneven or rough terrain, you should make sure that the tires are not bloated as they may explode during operations. Remember that under-inflated tires may easily go flat and your tires must have enough pressure to take on outdoor terrain.

2. Watch the weather

The biggest factor affecting outdoor forklift operations is the weather. Unfavourable weather conditions such as rain,  heat in the summer, and snow in winter each come with a different set of challenges that can affect forklift operations.  This is why it is important to pay special attention to the weather so that you can weatherize your equipment and activate appropriate safety practices to keep people, equipment, and goods safe.  Check the weather forecast before operations begin to chart operational plans for the day.

3. Monitor the terrain

While indoor workspaces are endowed with smooth surfaces, outdoors are a different story. Outdoor surfaces can be uneven and contain different types of obstacles. You get everything from smooth asphalt to rough gravel surfaces, and flat to hilly terrain. This is why it is important for a forklift operator to keep alert to any changes in terrain and be in a position of making adjustments not only to the way they operate but the configuration of the truck as well. Forklift operators should be trained to operate on different terrain in different weather conditions.

4.Stay alert

When operating a forklift indoors or outdoors, it is very important to pay extra attention. Operating outdoors comes with a new set of potential troubles and difficulties relating to terrain changes, obstacles, traffic, and people. Always check the surroundings and make sure your have a clear line of sight around you.

The final word

By following the aforementioned tips, forklift operators can considerably reduce the risks and challenges associated with outdoor operations. Promote the safety and efficiency by connecting with Accurate Forklift for affordable and professional forklift services. For more information on preventative or routine maintenance and repairs or to discuss your requirements, simply call us at 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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