Forklifts are important to any business dealing in heavy lifting and material handling operations. While they are well built, sturdy, and durable, they still experience wear and tear from daily use. Forklifts have certain parts and components that wear out faster and for which preventative maintenance is strongly recommended. Accurate Forklift offers forklift repair services in Atlanta for all popular makes and models. In this blog, we share four forklift parts that are usually replaced during repairs. Read on.

1. Fork

A forklift’s fork is an important part of the truck’s whole functionality, as it is designed to do the lifting. Its malfunction can result in production delays, injuries, damaged products, and even deaths. Any signs of wear and tear, even small cracks on the forks indicate that it needs repair or replacement. Check for any nasty cracks on the tips after some period of use or hitting the floor or wall. The fork heel also sustains the most wear from contact with the ground, which is why you must measure and compare the current angle to the manufacturer’s specs. Even a little difference can compromise safety. This is why forks are usually replaced during repairs.

2. Oil Filter

The forklift oil filter is very important to the functionality of the engine as it keeps the oil clean and engine running smoothly. It helps to ensure that the engine does not quickly deteriorate from the friction and heat generated by the moving parts. To avoid the risk of a future malfunction of the forklift’s engine due to contaminated oil, oil filters are usually replaced during forklift repairs.

3. Chain

Same as the chain you will find on a motorcycle, the mast chain on forklifts is made of link plates and pins. Forklift chains are attached to the mast and come with different numbers of pitch lacings and links. While the chains are well-built and durable, they can get damaged or wear out exposing them to the risk of failing. This is why they must be replaced before affecting the performance of the truck or causing accidents. After maintenance, forklift experts at Accurate Forklift measure the level of stretch, after which they can then replace the chains.

4. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are also important components to the functionality of the forklift’s engine as they are responsible for providing the spark that ignites gas in the combustion chamber. Due to the constant firing whenever the engine is running, forklift spark plugs can burn out quicker than expected. Operating a forklift engine that has misfiring plugs introduces the risk of causing major engine damage and performance issues. This is why they are usually replaced during forklift repairs.


The above-listed are some of the forklift parts that are frequently replaced during repairs. When looking for forklift repair services in Atlanta that you can trust, we have your back.  Accurate Forklift offers some of the best forklift repair services for all popular forklift types across different brands. For more information on available service packages or to discuss your requirements, simply call 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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