Forklifts are expensive to buy and maintain, which is why fleet managers sometimes opt for rental contracts with trusted dealers.  While buying a forklift brings several benefits to the table, there are instances wherein renting makes much more sense. Accurate Forklift offers affordable rates on forklift rental in Atlanta, Georgia. Our fleet of rental forklifts features all the popular makes and models that are well-maintained. Continuing with the subject, in this blog, we share four reasons renting a forklift in Atlanta makes financial sense. Read on.

1. Great for short-term equipment needs

If your requirement for a forklift is to cater to short-term material handling needs, a rental forklift is definitely the best pick. Estimating utilization for each forklift is the best way to determine if renting is more cost-effective as compared to buying. When calculating utilization, you are assuming that 100% means using the equipment for 22 days. If you are planning to use the forklift for less than 40% of the days, renting makes the most financial sense.

2. Eliminates downtimes

Rental forklifts also help eliminate downtimes in the event that one or more trucks in your fleet breakdown or are due for scheduled maintenance. Downtimes can be costly in terms of delays in work completion and denting your reputation with customers. Apart from replacing your trucks when they go for repairs or maintenance, you can also escape downtimes and maintenance costs when you choose to totally depend on rental forklifts. This is because maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the rental dealer and you will always get a replacement truck when one develops a problem.

3. No need for a down payment

Forklifts are very expensive equipment that require a significant down payment when looking to buy one. The high cost of ownership can leave a hole in a business’ finances disrupting other business needs and operations that require capital. This is why renting a forklift makes more financial sense,  as there is no need for a down payment, but rather, periodic payments according to a rate stated in the rental contract.

4. Access to the latest equipment

When you depend on rental forklifts, you have the liberty to extend or vary the contract according to your needs. This means you can easily upgrade to the latest equipment or switch between different types or capacities according to your needs. This is also a great way to assess different available forklifts with a view to identifying one that best meets your operational needs.


The final word

When looking for a forklift rental service you can trust, partner with Accurate Forklift. We are a forklift rental service provider in Atlanta offering different types of forklifts for rent at affordable rates. For answers to all your questions about our forklift rental services or to discuss your requirements, call 770-692-1455 or email rentals@accurateforklift.net.

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  1. Thanks for explaining why renting forklifts is financially beneficial. I like what you said about how renting gives you access to the most modern equipment. I think it would be essential to rent a forklift from a service with a good reputation.

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