Properly managing your material handling operations is a great way to prevent costly repairs. It also helps in keeping up with the ongoing changes in the material handling industry. It is important to plan for the future and make investments that will pay dividends in the long run. Accurate Forklift offers comprehensive services that include forklift rental, used forklifts for sale, as well as forklift repair and maintenance services. Our inventory is refreshed regularly and features all types of popular forklift types and makes. In this blog, we share four ways to enhance your operations and plan your forklift fleet. Read on.

Assess relationship with suppliers

It is important to assess the relationship between your business and suppliers when looking to reduce the total costs of ownership and plan your forklift fleet.  You will have to review whether the terms of your agreements are reasonable and if you are getting the best possible value. The relationships between you and suppliers should benefit both parties and if not, you should negotiate for a better deal or switch suppliers.

Review your current material handling equipment

Taking stock of your current material handling equipment helps to plan your forklift fleet and cater to future requirements. Check if the equipment is fit for purpose with regards to the operational tasks and operating environment. Also, check if any of the equipment is outdated and needs replacement and if there are any gaps in your material handling equipment that need filling.

Assess existing operator shift patterns

Another way to enhance your operations and improve productivity is to evaluate the current operator shift patterns. Make sure that operators are taking enough breaks to prevent fatigue during operations as it can cause forklift accidents and compromise productivity. If you have electric forklifts in your fleet, check whether or not there are adequate breaks to accommodate battery charging. You should also make sure that maintenance and repairs are scheduled accordingly.

Evaluate safety requirements

It is important to regularly perform a safety audit to enhance warehouse operations. Make sure that all safety requirements are followed religiously, starting with operator training. The warehouse must have safety signs and floor markings to improve operator and other workers’ safety.  Improve visibility by ensuring that workers are equipped with high-vis clothing. If you have electric forklifts, make sure all charging stations feature acid-resistance flooring.


The above-listed are some of the ways you can enhance operations and plan your forklift fleet.  Connect with Accurate Forklift for all your forklift rental service requirements. We have a huge inventory that features a wide range of forklift types and capacities to cater to your specific requirements.  For answers to all your questions about our forklift rental services or help to fulfill your requirements, call 770-692-1455 or email rentals@accurateforklift.net.

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