While some material handling operations continue during winter, for others it’s time to put forklifts in storage. The forklift trucks will spend almost three months in storage and this helps to ensure that they will be in good working condition when spring begins.  As winter snow withdraws, it is time to remove forklift trucks from storage. The winter storage period can cause damage to forklift trucks due to inactivity, pests, and bad weather. This is why it is important to conduct spring maintenance to get the forklift trucks back on the job without any problems.  It helps to partner with a forklift dealer that offers some of the best forklift repair and maintenance services such as Accurate Forklift. In this blog, we share five basic forklift spring maintenance tips. Read on.

Conduct visual inspections

Conducting a visual inspection is the first step when performing basic forklift spring maintenance. By conducting a visual inspection, you will be able to check for damage that may have occurred during storage. Some of the damage to check include rust formation, chewed wires, nests from pests, and vandalism (broken windows).

Ensure proper lubrication

You must also ensure proper lubrication of all components that are prone to wear and tear before running the engine. Most parts are generally exposed to heat and friction and you must lubricate all such components, especially bearings and bushings. This will help to prevent excessive wear which can lead to premature failure, replacements, and costly downtimes.

Inspect fluid levels

Inspecting fluid levels is very important as fluids help to ensure the proper working and longevity of important components and parts. Engine oil and transmission fluid help to melt away the heat that comes from friction. Keeping your forklift fluids at the required levels helps the parts and components move smoothly and avoid premature wear and replacement of seals and other parts.

Check for loose-fittings and connections

Make sure to inspect and tighten all connections and hardware on the forklift trucks. Carefully check for any loose hardware and connections depending on the location. Loose connections of fittings may cause short circuits, fluid losses, and excessive vibration.

Inspect fans and belts

Before you begin operations, make sure to inspect the fans and belts as they help to control the engine temperature. Carefully inspect the engine fan and observe if it is effectively circulating air in the engine bay. Also, check the belt and observe if it’s circulating the engine coolant through the bay.  This is very important as these parts are made from plastic and rubber that can easily crack or damage over time. Make it a point to check for signs of heat damage, excessive wear, and cracks.


The above-listed tips will help you keep your material handling equipment in the best of shape for spring. If you are looking to partner with a forklift dealer that offers some of the best and affordable repair and maintenance services, then look no further.  Accurate Forklift offers professional forklift repair and maintenance for all makes and models. Talk to us today to discuss your requirements or get answers to all your questions. Just dial 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net.

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