Forklifts are material handling machines used to lift and transport loads safely and effectively around different worksites. There are many types of forklifts used for different functions that are why it is important to choose the right truck that suits your application. Popular heavy equipment makers such as Toyota, Hyster-Yale, Doosan, and Mitsubishi produce different capacity and types of forklifts. Among the 3000-6500lb capacity cushion forklift models used for moving and lifting in warehouses with a smooth surface, Mitsubishi FGC15N to FGC33N models stand
their ground. Connecting with a reputable forklift dealer such as Accurate Forklift makes it easy to buy or rent from a huge inventory that also features the Mitsubishi brand. In this blog, we share five benefits that Mitsubishi 3000-6500 lb Cushion-tire Forklifts bring to the table. Read on.

1. Proven Durability

The robustness of the Mitsubishi 3000-6500 lb Cushion-tire forklift’s engine is enhanced with an engine protection system. The system is responsible for protecting and alerting operators when the engine reaches a critical level condition. This allows operators to seek the required maintenance of the engine to avoid the limitation of some levels of performance such as restricting lifting. The forklift is framed with 100 percent steel to protect the engine and enable
the truck to handle tough applications.

2. Unmatched Productivity

Mitsubishi 3000-6500 lb cushion forklifts are equipped with high- performance engines that deliver the power to handle tough applications. GK21 and GK25 LP, and gas internal combustion engines can handle demanding applications without any problem. The engines are manufactured to meet the EPAs emission standards. The trucks also feature a Premium Display Panel that allows operators to monitor the condition of the truck. The features on the display panel include mast interlock indicator, hour meter, and transmission indicator.

3. Superior Serviceability

You can not afford to spend more time on maintenance as this will slow down operations. It is important for technicians to access the engine quickly. Mitsubishi 3000-6500 lb capacity cushion forklifts are designed with tool-less-entry to engine components, allowing technicians to open the hood in no time. This means maintenance can be done quickly which helps in eliminating unnecessary expenses and downtimes.

4. Excellent Operator Field of Vision

Coming with the Integrated Presence System (IPS), Mitsubishi 3000-6500 lb Cushion-tire forklifts are designed to make sure that the operator has excellent visual awareness while activating the electronic counterbalance. The design also helps operators reduce the possibility of accidental activation.

5. Top Level Operator Comfort

Coming with decent user-friendly features, Mitsubishi 3000-6500 lb Cushion-tire forklifts offer top-level operator comfort and safety. They come with a three-point entry design that provides solid points of contact when entering or exiting the forklift. Some of the features that add comfort and safety include grab bar, low anti-slip entry step, adjustable armrest, and steel hip restraint of the seat.

Last word

The aforementioned benefits are worth considering when looking to buy or rent a forklift in the league of the  Mitsubishi 3000-6500 lb Cushion-tire forklifts. Accurate Forklift gives you access to a whole range of other options to help you choose one that meets your requirements. As a fully-fledged forklift dealer in Atlanta, we not only offer forklift rental and sales services but forklift repair and maintenance services as well. For answers to all your questions about our forklift
rental services, call 770-692-1455 or email us at rentals@accurateforklift.net.

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