After you get your forklift for sale or forklift for rent, it is essential to make sure that it is operated with care to avoid accidents. Forklift account for a lot of injuries and deaths every year, making it vital to eliminate or keep unsafe practice to a bare minimum. No effort must be sparred to train forklift operators on safe forklift operation. Accurate Forklift offers used forklifts for sale in Atlanta, and can help you get the necessary training for your forklift operators. Here is a selection of 5 Mistakes that you ought to avoid.

Operating with low battery of fluid levels

Check your fluid and battery levels every time before commencing work. Operating some forklifts with insufficient battery of fluid levels can be catastrophic as it may result in work stoppage while the truck is in a precarious position.

Disregarding the truck’s capacity

You must always be mindful of your forklift truck’s load capacity when hauling heavy loads. If you make the mistake of exceeding its load capacity, chances are the forklift will become unstable and pose a grave risk. Know your forklift’s load capacity and the weight of every load that you intend to haul.

Not communicating with other workers

Failure to communicate is a recipe for disaster in many instances, and certainly when it comes to operating a forklift. It is important to always communicate with other people working around you so that you can anticipate each other’s movements. Indicate your intentions and do not hesitate others about their movements as well.

Failure to secure your loads

Maneuverability is greatly affected when hauling unsymmetrical objects. Try and make sure every load is secured before hauling it, nut if there is still risk of it getting toppled, exercise due caution at all times.

Ignorance of your route

Whenever you have to drive your forklift through a complex maze such as in a large warehouse, it is important to always know your route. Knowing your route goes a long way in reducing chances of accidents.

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