For any material handling business, it is essential to have a well-serviced forklift for your operations. Should partner with a reputable forklift dealer that offers a range of services including repair and maintenance. Also, if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of buying used forklift parts in Atlanta, then look no further. Accurate Forklift offers businesses access to affordable used forklift parts such as rebuilt forklift transmissions and steer axles in Atlanta, GA. Not only are used forklift parts significantly cheaper, but they also help you avoid the challenges associated with looking for new parts from an older forklift model or a discontinued model.  To help you know your way around the market for used forklift parts, we take a look at the common factors to consider when buying used forklift parts in Atlanta, GA.


When fleet managers are in the market looking for used forklift parts, they need to carefully consider and learn whether the used part is compatible with the type of forklift they own. Many forklift parts from different years may be compatible depending on the type of forklift you have. This s why it is advisable to invest your time in researching the type of makes, models, and years of the forklift that has the compatible parts you are seeking as replacements on your own forklift.

Valid warranty

Another common factor to consider when buying used forklift parts is to check if the forklift used parts have a valid warranty. Here at Accurate Forklift, we offer refurbished forklift used parts with valid warranties, also, if the used forklift parts you buy are not compatible, we may offer a refund. It is important to always keep in mind that valid warranties offered by reputable service providers may have an extended period of six months to one year.

OEM Standards

Last but not least, another common factor to consider when buying used compatible forklift parts is knowing whether the used forklift parts are of original equipment manufacturer standards (OEM). Usually, OEM-used forklift parts may feature a serial number somewhere on the part that can be used to call the manufacturer for verification purposes. It is advisable to consider buying OEM-used forklift parts as they work better on your forklift compared to aftermarket parts.

Call us for reliable used forklift parts In Atlanta

The above-listed are some of the common factors you can consider if you are in the market looking for used forklift parts in locations such as Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. As this can help you find the right replacement parts for your forklift. Here at Accurate Forklift, we help you have a hassle-free experience. We are one of the leading forklift dealers in Atlanta that feature a wide range of used forklift parts you may be looking for, including rebuilt forklift transmissions and forklift steer axles. Visit our online platform https://www.accurateforklift.net/  today to explore our selection of used forklift parts and other services including forklift repair and services. Feel free to call our professional technicians at 770-692-1455 and get more information.

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