If you are looking to buy a forklift to add to your material handling fleet, one of the most important decisions is who to purchase from as there are many forklift dealers in Atlanta GA. Accurate Forklift is the leading forklift dealer and rental service provider in Atlanta. Working with our professional specialist can save you tons of hassle and headache and give you added benefits throughout the life of your forklifts such as more effective and better-priced forklift maintenance and services.

Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we share all you need to about forklift dealers

Certified and works directly with manufacturers

One of the most important working relationships that are a huge boost to forklift dealers is that of manufacturers. While reputable forklift dealers can be certified by the manufacturer, they also work with manufacturers giving them access to know about the latest and greatest forklifts from different major brands. Also, these forklift dealers will be knowledgeable and have a greater familiarity with the entire line of forklifts the manufacturer makes, resulting in specialists being able to match you with the right equipment for your needs.

Accurate Forklifts is one of the leading dealers working with some of the biggest forklift manufacturers in Atlanta. While we deal with automatic lift truck companies, we have also become one of the biggest suppliers of major brands in the state of Georgia.


Repeatable Forklift dealers are just like any other service providers as they offer a wide range of related services. While this offers them a great opportunity to have a greater understanding of the unique needs of the clients and be knowledgeable of how each service and product interact with each other. A well-run and reliable forklift dealer in Atlanta such as Accurate Forklift offers some of the highest standards of these forklift-related services, acting as a one-stop-shop.

Provide forklift rentals

Reputable forklift dealers such as Accurate Forklift provide forklift rentals for different types of equipment. While our fleet goes through extremely thorough in-house maintenance and repair work, resulting in forklift rentals running smoothly for a long period. This is why providing forklift rental there is a great sign that your dealer is reliable and repeatable in their service and maintenance as they can easily rent out forklifts to other clients.

Service and maintenance

It is important to work with a reputable forklift dealer that provides extensive service and maintenance in addition to other related forklift services such as rental and selling those lift trucks. Dealers such as forklifts provide a built-in maintenance plan, in case you purchase or rent a forklift. Also, buying a truck from a reputable dealer such as Accurate Forklift offers maintenance services that can assist in eradicating downtime if your forklift fails. This will be easy since you will be already having a relationship with the forklift service provider. At Accurate Forklift we have a dedicated maintenance team that is more familiar with the common problems with specific makes and models, offers recommended maintenance schedules, and offer as much information as possible when making your final buying decision.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable forklift dealer in Atlanta, GA, your search ends here. Accurate Forklift is the leading forklift dealer in rental services provider in Atlanta, offering all related forklift services. Call us at 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net for reliable forklift services including rentals and repairs services in Atlanta.

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