The importance of buying or renting the right capacity of forklift when looking for material handling equipment can never be overemphasized. While most establishments’ day-to-day material handling operations require normal capacity forklift trucks, large capacity forklift are usually required on an infrequent or ad hoc basis depending on the industry and facility. This makes it wise to look for a rental service when you require large capacity forklifts as opposed to buying. Accurate Forklift offers an established forklift rental service for all capacities from 3,000 to 40,000 LB and can make special arrangements for your unique requirement. In this blog, we explore all you need to know about large capacity forklift rental services. 

What are Large Capacity Forklifts?

Large capacity forklifts are units that have a capacity of 15,500 lb or more. They are largely similar to regular-sized forklifts when it comes to features but differ on the safety and maintenance front. Large capacity forklifts are usually employed outdoors on rough and uneven terrain, although they can also be used indoors. 

Large Capacity Forklift Rental Considerations

You need to make sure that you have all the important information about your requirement handy to get the right large capacity forklift for rent. Apart from the main distinguishing factor, the capacity, most of the other pertinent considerations are also generally applicable whenever buying or renting a forklift of any capacity.

These include: 

  • Whether the forklift will work indoors or outdoors
  • The size of forks required for the job
  • The necessary attachments
  • Whether you need a diesel, LPG, or electric large capacity forklift
  • The appropriate mast height


  • It is advisable to go for long term rental so you can spread your payments over at least monthly intervals and enjoy extra savings. 
  • Despite their size, large capacity forklift still demand attention to vital aspects such as the load center to ensure safety and successful hauling of loads.  
  • The correct tires must always be used when it comes to rental large capacity forklifts to make sure that loads remain stable. 

Last Word

Seasoned experts at Accurate Forklift can help you identify the best large capacity rental forklift for your unique need and also customize an attractive deal. We have all types of forklifts from household manufacturers. Talk to us today to hear how our forklift rental service in Atlanta can cater to your needs for a large capacity forklift truck at  770-692-1455. You can also email us at rentals@accurateforklift.net.

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