Operator training is a very important aspect of OSHA guidelines pertaining to the operation of heavy equipment such as forklifts and cranes. Adhering to OSHA guidelines ensures safety in the workplace and avoidance of problems associated with violating OSHA guidelines. Operator training, is not an event but a continuous process which has to keep pace with constant changes and new information. To help, we answer some frequently asked questions regarding OSHA guidelines for forklift operator training.

Do Operators have to be trained for every make and model in my fleet?

Training your operators for every make and model is not required. However, they must receive adequate training on every ‘type’ of forklift, such as pallet jack or order picker and sit or stand forklifts, among others. Basic instruction will obviously be required for the ‘controls’ as an operator moves to a different make of the same type they were using.

When are refresher courses mandatory?

Refresher courses are not really necessary according to OSHA guidelines, except in instances where there are changes in the warehouse / jobsite or a new type of forklift. Refresher courses are also necessary when operators get poor evaluation, have been involved in an accident, or other similar circumstance.

Do I need a valid driver’s license to train as an operator?

Short answer, ‘No’. Long answer – A forklift operator is only required to be trained and certified with all the training records being kept safely by the employer.

Who qualifies as a trainer?

There is no cut-and-dried definition of who qualifies as a trainer. However, according to OSHA, it has to be a person in possession of knowledge, training, and experience. They must have demonstrable evidence that they are skilled and experienced in training and evaluating forklift operators. This can be in the form of a degree, certification, or professional standing, among others.

The Bottom Line

Safety around the warehouse or at job sites is crucial, which is why operator training ranks in priority, along with good forklift maintenance. If you are on the hunt for forklifts for sale or forklifts for rent in Atlanta, oem forklift parts, or forklift service, Accurate Forklift is the place to go. We are a market leader in the provision of everything forklifts. Call us today at 770-692-1455 or mail us at sales@accurateforklift.net.

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