Most companies face challenges from unforeseen and seasonal spikes in business and  changes in the markets. This is true for material handling operations such as warehouses which experience fluctuations in the level of operations for a variety of reasons. Most businesses turn to forklift rental services to boost their productivity during surges in business. Accurate Forklift offers forklift rental services in Atlanta, Georgia. Our rental fleet is consistently maintained to keep it in the best shape. It features all the popular forklift types across different makes, models, and capacities. There are many advantages that are accrue to forklift rental when you partner with a reputable forklift rental dealer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. It’s a flexible material handling solution

One of the main benefits of short-term forklift rental is flexibility. This rental option allows you to cater to material handling needs such as temporary surges in business and replacing forklifts that are due for service or undergoing repairs. You can choose a rental period according to the nature of your requirement, whether it’s a day, a week, or a month. This allows for operational flexibility as you can quickly and efficiently respond to changes in the business environment. You can also terminate, extend, or have the contract varied in line with any changes in the nature of your requirement.

2. The contract includes full maintenance

When it comes to short-term forklift rental contracts, the terms and conditions also include full maintenance of the forklift trucks. While daily checks should be conducted by you to meet safety and operational condition standards, full maintenance ensures that you escape the costs associated with emergency and standard repairs, as well as  labor and transportation of the forklift for repairs and servicing. This gives you total control by making your operational costs predictable.

3. Caters to temporary surges in business

Short-term rental is a material handling solution that effectively caters to temporary surges in business. Whether the surge is unpredictable and seasonal, businesses can maintain productivity without having to buy additional material handling equipment. You are assured of additional capacity as and when it’s required without having to incur the high cost of buying additional forklifts that are only put to use for short periods throughout the year.

4. It allows for testing of different forklifts

Another main benefit of short-term rental is that it allows you to test different forklifts before you buy one. This gives an opportunity to better identify one that suits your material handling  requirements. Getting an opportunity to operate a forklift truck in your operations in real-time allows you access to its suitability when compared with other available options. It helps you choose a forklift that guarantees optimum productivity and enhanced safety around workspaces.


Short-term forklift rental solutions allow you to address productivity challenges without attracting a drastic increase in operational costs. The contracts are customized according to your specific requirements. Accurate Forklift is a forklift rental service provider in Atlanta that offers different types of forklifts for rent at affordable rates. For answers to all your questions about our forklift rental services or to discuss your requirements, call 770-692-1455 or email rentals@accurateforklift.net.

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