Pursuant to our first installment that touched on myths commonly associated with used forklifts, this second part busts 3 more misconceptions associated with forklifts in general. Some accidents that happen around the warehouse or job site are due to attitudes and actions brought about by some of these misconceptions, which often take a life of their own. Let’s take a closer look at the truth behind 3 common misconceptions about used forklifts.

Oil is changed according to hours despite actual calendar time

This myth is often rampant among infrequent forklift users who battle with knowing how frequently they must change the truck’s oil. The misconception is that oil is good for a specified amount of time, despite the calendar time that might have passed. The truth is that you have to change the oil at least twice a year. Failure to do so will result in oxidation and condensation. Oxidation is triggered once the oil reaches operating temperature. Condensation also occurs and fails to evaporate due to the infrequent use, resulting in rapid deterioration of bearings and internal parts due to acid from the sludge.

You can attach anything anywhere

Some forklift users believe you can attach anything anywhere on a forklift in the name of customization. The range of items that are often attached to forklifts in this mistaken belief include strobe lights, fire extinguishers and mirrors. Attachment to locations such as FOPS/ROPS and mast usually includes drilling, grinding, and welding, which compromises the structural integrity of the forklift, among other issues.

Mast rails need generous amounts of grease

Some operators mistakenly believe that applying generous amounts of grease is just what the doctor prescribed for the good health of the mast.  This well-intended error has the effect of causing the mast to mis-stage. The oil accumulates dust and dirt, resulting in a gumming effect. The best approach is to clean the mast rails clean with the exception of a thin coat of extreme-pressure lubricant.

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