From construction companies and warehouses to recycling units, many industries depend on forklifts. These vehicles speed up transporting goods, raw materials, and other objects within or outside the facility.

The movement of goods has become safer in these spaces, thanks to forklifts. Otherwise, the warehouses relied upon ropes and cables to move boxes and heavy crates. Unfortunately, many accidents used to happen with such systems.

The best part about forklifts is that you need not spend a fortune to get one. It is common to find used forklifts for sale in Atlanta. If you also plan to get one for your facility, you need to keep a few maintenance tips in mind. These tips keep your forklift in the best shape for years.

Let’s discuss those tips below.

Regular PM Service

Just like any other vehicle, forklifts also need oil changes regularly. Doing so elongates their life. It always helps to replace the oil every three months. You can expect better performance, improved fuel efficiency and reduced chances of combustion issues. Conversely, if you don’t change the oil regularly, you will face sludge build-up and corrosion issues. The issue may be more prevalent in the used forklifts in Atlanta.

Frequent cleaning

A lot of us think cleaning is limited to improving a forklift’s appearance. Well, it does more than not. Lint and other combustible materials don’t build up if you clean them regularly. Plus, there isn’t any issue with blocked radiators. This is why cleaning your forklift once a week is a good practice. While doing so, change the filters, blow out the radiator, and wipe down the dirty elements.

Brake examination

If you need to put in extra effort to engage the brakes, the chances are high there is some issue. We understand you can’t check calipers and brake pads regularly. But doing so every few weeks will prevent accidents at your workplace. In the beginning, take the help of a mechanic or the company’s representative to know how to perform these brakes.

Tire checks

Every technician will recommend you to check the tires of your forklift. They need to have proper air pressure and must be fully inflated. You should also check for signs of wear and tear. Poor traction is often the cause of serious accidents. This is why you shouldn’t use your forklifts if the tires are underinflated. Care should also be given to cushion tires on your forklift. Worn or pitted tires can cause an issue with traction. Worn tires can also lead to fork dragging causing the forks to wear and leads to replacement.

Call a repair service immediately in case of an issue

If you notice something faulty with your machine, call for forklift repair service in Atlanta. An immediate action prevents further damage to your vehicle. This not only saves a lot of your money but minimizes the chances of accidents at your facility.

The Bottom Line: We hope these tips will keep your forklift in good health. That said, you must purchase a used forklift in Atlanta from a reliable dealer. Trust Accurate Forklift, one of the credible forklift companies, to buy your next vehicle. Check all the available options from here: https://www.accurateforklift.net/forklift-sales.html

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