The need to haul and stack objects and materials is common in different operations. A forklift is one specially designed machine used in lifting and transporting various heavy materials over short distances. Forklifts are used for various tasks in warehouses and on construction sites where heavy lifting of materials is needed. Like any other machinery, the efficiency of a forklift is highly dependent on selection of a good task specific model. Choosing the right forklift for sale or forklift for rent depends on a number of considerations.

Nature of the load

The following considerations should be put in mind when choosing a forklift for a task. Clear definition of the tasks to be carried out should be done first before searching for forklifts for sale online. This includes:

  • Load weight or capacity
  • Nature of the load that is, if it palletized or not
  • Width of the load
  • Distance to be moved by the fork and hours of lift operation per day
  • Height to be moved
  • Tyre type, fuel consumption and type
  • The terrain on which the fork will be moving on (indoors, outdoors or both)

Choice of a good task specific forklift

  • Although forklifts multitask in terms of the various attachments that can be used, their efficiency increases when bought specifically for the task at hand. High power models can carry heavy duty loads and still move fast and safely while other models will move them at slow speeds. It will be a heavy loss to buy a lift which does not have enough capacity to lift the desired load.
  • The surface and terrain on which the forklift moves also matters. Other models are not good on rough roads like the industrial counterbalance forks which need a smooth pathway while others will still keep a high speed in rough terrains. The rough terrain types are mainly used on outdoor operations like construction work because their tires can be deflated and wire threaded making them withstand all the rough surfaces. The fuel consumption is also an important factor when choosing a lift else losses will be encountered.
  • The length of the forks also matters when buying the fork. Depending on the nature of the load, for example short length forklifts may not be preferred on pelleted goods. The height to be lifted up also matters. Buying a forklift which exceeds the needed task’s requirements leads to heavy loses to a company hence the above need serious consideration.

Let’s Talk Forklifts

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