Proper and regular forklift maintenance is important to ensure their efficient and safe operation, keep expensive repairs at bay, and eliminate downtimes.  The ability to identify problems in their infancy or anticipate and eliminate frequently occurring issues is very valuable. If you have just bought your forklift for sale, this blog helps you hit the ground running by providing useful information on some of the common must-know forklift problems.


The steering can often cause maintenance issues and pose great risk if it goes for extended periods without getting checked. Make sure the fluid levels are always right and that the steering gears are not worn out. Get the forklift inspected immediately if the gears exhibit signs of wear. Include steering checks in your regular forklift maintenance routine


The lift mechanism of a forklift can also experience frequent problems if it goes without forklift service on a regular basis. If the forklift is experiencing problems or exhibiting erratic behavior when raising and lowering the mast, there could be issues with the hydraulic system. The problem could be due to depleted levels of hydraulic fluid or a clog in the system.

Electrical problems

Forklifts have many electrical components that can present serious problems if the truck goes without regularly scheduled forklift maintenance. However, the battery can also cause electrical parts to malfunction if it is way past its time. This may also result in your forklift having difficulty or failing to start. Replace the battery immediately to fix the problem and be sure to check it regularly for leaks and fluid levels, among others.


Your forklift tires can also compromise performance, damage the suspension, or even pose a serious risk if they go without maintenance checks.  Worn or damaged tires compromise the suspension and the forklift truck’s ability to lift loads. Check your forklift tires and replace them as and when necessary. Also make sure any forklifts for sale or forklifts for rent have good tires on them before entering into any deal.

Let us help

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