One sure way to get the most from your forklift is to be able to spot warning signs when they arise. One of these warning signs is forklift overheating. When operators notice the temperature gauge angling for the danger zone, it is important to put it out of action to determine and address the causes of the overheating. Failure to do so will result in damage to some of the vital forklift parts. Accurate Forklift provides forklifts for sale in Atlanta, forklifts for rent in Atlanta, as well as forklift repair and maintenance services that include overheating forklifts. Here are some of the common reasons why forklifts overheat.

Coolant levels

Low coolant levels may result in your forklift overheating. That is why it is important to include fluid level checks in your daily inspection routine. Fluid levels, including coolant, must be regularly replenished.

Blocked radiator

The radiator plays an important role in taking care of the heat generated by the engine. Any blockage will compromise air flow and reduce its efficiency, resulting in forklift overheating. Check the radiator for any foreign items as part of fixing an overheating forklift.

Broken fan / fan belt

The fan and fan belt comprise another area that you must check when your forklift is overheating. Damage to the fan and belt may result from a host of reasons including the impact of things falling through the cracks underneath the hood, and regular wear and tear. This is because of the location of the fan and belt.


There are several other reasons behind forklifts overheating, especially during the summer when cooling systems are put to the ultimate test. Some of the causes we will not discuss include out-of-adjustment inching pedals, operator riding inching pedal, and environment.

We can help

If your forklifts are overheating and you need expert help to get the issue resolved, Accurate Forklift is the place to go. We provide forklift service and maintenance in Atlanta for all popular forklift brands and types. We also offer oem forklift parts for sale at affordable prices as well as used forklifts for sale in Atlanta. Call us today at 770-692-1455 or email us at sales@accurateforklift.com to discuss your requirement and get answers to all your questions. Never leave overheating forklifts unfixed as it will usually result in great damage and even bigger downtimes for you and your company.

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