Knowing the common causes of forklift accidents goes a long way in reducing injuries and financial losses around the job site. You need to know where to get genuine forklift parts for sale, get your forklift service ln  time, according to schedule, and avoid common causes of accidents. On one hand, forklifts help you haul and stack loads while on the other hand it may lead to serious accidents in the absence of due caution. As per a recent survey in USA, more than 1 in 10 forklifts are involved in an accident each year, which results in many injuries and huge financial losses. To help, here are some common causes of accidents, which are to be on the lookout.

Causes of Accident

Training Issues

The proper training of a forklift operator is critical for safety and production and is also mandated by OSHA regulations. Employees operating forklifts must be trained, evaluated, and certified not only for knowing how to operate the equipment, but also on safety.

Production Factors

It is important to mention that the operator is not always culpable whenever there is an accident. Accidents may be the result of some external production factors such as availability of genuine forklift parts for sale, as well as age and maintenance of forklift, equipment and tools, attachments, and accessories.

Lack of Communication

Communication gaps during shared tasks tend to invite accidents. The area of operation should be highlighted with signing boards to avoid crowded and cluttered aisles.


This is one of the most common factors contributing to forklift accidents. An overloaded forklift loses stability and can act and respond in ways with which the operator is not familiar, even tipping over. Overloading can also result in the blocking of the driver’s vision.

Safety Measures to Deploy

Restrict Forklift traffic

The best way to restrict people from entering areas where the forklift is operating is to ensure the area is well lit, there are no obstructions, and warning signs are clearly visible.

Mechanical servicing

It is very important to provide timely servicing and proper maintenance to your forklift fleet. Some of the common issues demanding immediate attention include malfunctioning of brakes, steering, and clutch.

Training and Standards

Forklift operators must receive training and regular refresher courses on safety. Establish safety standards in the workplace and the necessary sanctions to ensure compliance.

Gain Best Forklift Experience

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