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Please Contact Our Sales Department at 770-692-1455 for any questions about any of our Used Forklifts and Forklift Equipment that we have for sale or lease.

Forklift Rental - Accurate Forklift Atlanta

We presently have over 350 forklifts in our rental fleet. We have forklifts coming in daily off lease so if you do not see a forklift that meets your companies needs let us know. If you have any questions about the type of forklift that you may need for your business we can help.

Please give us a call at 770-692-1455 and ask for our rental department and we can help you size the perfect lift for you. Just click on the LB rating that you need and you will see the lifts that we currently have in the shop ready to rent.

Warehouse Equipment - Accurate Forklift


Year: 2012
Make: Crown
Model: PW3520-60
SN: 6A308484
Size: 6k
Tires: Caster
Fuel: Electric
Specs: 6" Lift - 27 x 48 - FKS Small Battery Box - 2020 Battery - Comes With BHS Battery Extractor Machine For Reach Trucks and Order Pickers Batteries - New Battery Recently as of Late Last Year - Comes With 24V Stand Alone Charger


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Year: 2014
Make: Taylor Dunn
Model: BO-011-25
SN: 196852
Size: 800 LB Capacity
Tires: Rubber (Inflated)
Fuel: Electric 36 Volt
Specs: Burden Carrier - 4 x 4 Bed - 2 Seater W/Charger


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Cushman EZ Go Hauler

Cushman EZ Go Hauler

Cushman EZ Go Hauler

Cushman EZ Go Hauler

Year: 2017
Make: Cushman
Model: EZ Go Hauler
SN: 3248363
Size: 2 Seater Hauler
Tires: Rubber (Inflated)
Fuel: Electric
Specs: Tilt Bed - Cover


Cushman EZ Go Hauler

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Forklift Sales - Accurate Forklift

Below is a list of forklifts that we have available for sale. Not all forklifts that we have for sale may be on the website. We are constantly buying forklifts to prepare for sale and we may not have the lifts on our website.

Just give us a call at 770-692-1455 and ask for forklift sales and let us know your requirements and we will match up a lift to fit that application. Sometimes it is not necessary to own a forklift and rental would be a better option. Either way give us a call and we will be more than ready to assist you.

LP-Forklift - Accurate Forklift
15,000 lb Capacity Forklift

28,000 lb capacity forklift
15,500 lb Capacity Forklift

28,000 lb capacity forklift
28,000 lb Capacity Forklift

Forklift Attachments - Accurate Forklift Atlanta

We have a full line of different forklift attachments available to meet your business needs. Just let us know what type of attachment you need and we can size the perfect fit for your requirements. Don’t need an attachment but need different forks? No Problem. We have every size fork you can think of to fit the lifts that we have in our rental fleet. Just let our rental department know.

cascade carton clamp

Cascade Carton Clamp

cascade roll clamp

Cascade Roll Clamp

cascade single double attachment

Cascade Single Double Attachment

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