Forklifts can last many years if you have access to the right used forklifts and proper maintenance services. This is why at Accurate Forklift we are the leading forklift repair service provider that offers reliable and affordable used forklift parts in Atlanta GA. Whether you are looking to rebuild forklift steer axles or forklift transmissions in locations such as Atlanta, GA, the process of buying used forklift parts can be a challenging task. To help you understand in this blog, we share everything you need to know about used forklift parts.

Know the Year, Make and Model

To help you avoid buying the used parts for the wrong forklift model, it is important to confirm the yearn model and make of the forklift. This is important as it helps you avoid minor equipment failure or even serious accidents as you will be buying or ordering a part that will properly work. Also, it is important to make sure that the equipment records are up to date.

Find a Good Supplier

It is important to find a reputable and good used forklift parts supplier as this offers you easy access to original equipment manufacturer parts and factory-tested after-market parts from reputable brands. With used forklift parts being affordable, most of the time an OEM part can be the best option, this is why it is advisable to find a forklift service dealer that can provide both. Using one parts supplier may be affordable, it is a convenient way to know exactly who to go to, all you need to do is to make sure that the supplier features a good system for online ordering too.

First, check Your Warranties

It is important to keep track of records stating when your parts were bought and the warranties they come with as original manufacturer parts come with warranties. Usually, original manufactured forklift parts are covered for six months and unlimited work hours and they offer some of the best warranties in the business.

Delivery Time is Money

While you may find all the parts you require, it is important to avoid parts tied up in the delivery stage. This is why it is important to connect with a forklift dealer who can deliver your parts to you fast. Depending on the provider, clients are guaranteed delivery within 24 hours or the part is free.

What Other Parts Might You Need?

It is important that when you replace a part, also make sure to replace related parts that may show signs of wear. Apart from avoiding repeating the order process, it can also help in avoiding repeating the same disassembly and reassembly process down the line and having to repeat the order process.

Summing Up 

If you are interested in used forklift parts in locations such as Atlanta GA, talk to us at Accurate Forklift. For years, we have been providing superior products for rebuilt forklift steer axles and forklift transmissions in Atlanta, exceeding our customers’ expectations. As the leading forklift repair service provider in Atlanta GA, we service every make and model of forklift.  Call 770-692-1455 or visit https://www.accurateforklift.net/forklift-parts.html for more information.

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