Factors To Consider When Renting a Large Capacity Forklift

Flexibility is very important to any business and renting forklifts can be an easy way of cutting costs on a short time basis for operations that demand material handling equipment. To be able to maximize the benefits of short term forklift rental, you need to understand the rental agreements and steps to follow. This is especially true when you want to rent a large capacity forklift. Before renting a large capacity truck, the best way to proceed is to create a plan of action as there are many questions that need answers before you can begin. Planning saves you considerably in terms of time, money, and headaches. This article walks you through the considerations you must not ignore to make sure you rent a large capacity forklift that serves your needs.

Desired capacity

The first thing you should consider is the weight of the loads that you need to lift and haul. Knowing the typical weight of the loads you wish to handle with the large capacity forklift helps you identify the appropriate forklift capacity from available options. Picking a forklift that is below the desired capacity is a recipe for disaster as it can result in accidents and also compromise production. Accurate Forklift gives you access to large capacity forklift rental up to 40,000 lbs and our team can help you choose the best one for your operational needs.

Lift height

The next factor to consider is the lifting height. Just like capacity, the lift height has to be accurate as determined by your facility design or operational requirements. It must be able to safely lift the loads to the desired height. A forklift that cannot handle the load weight or lift it to the desired height is not only ill-fitted for the task at hand but it is also very dangerous.

Operating environment and surface

Forklift trucks are not designed the same as they have to operate in different environments and carry out varying tasks. Whether you wish to rent a large capacity forklift to operate in a warehouse, factory or construction site, make sure you take the correct pick. Indoor forklifts feature cushion tires and usually have a smaller turning radius while outdoor forklifts have air or solid pneumatic tires. The former is usually electric powered while the latter uses gasoline, diesel and even natural gas.

Rental period

Before you set out to rent a forklift, it is important to first define your need. You need to be clear on the length of time that you will need the forklift and go for the best contract. You need to make sure that your contract is flexible enough to accommodate any changes in your requirements and that you can terminate it at any time. Accurate forklift offers attractive contracts on flexible terms. You can choose the appropriate rental period whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Dealer reputation

To get a good deal on a large capacity forklift rental, you must connect with a reputable dealer that has been in business many years and has a vast array of options. Accurate Forklift Atlanta offers a wide range of options spanning all popular makes and models as well as all the attachments commonly used in different industries. Our team of mechanics is always at hand to help make sure that you never go without help.

Forklift condition

It is your responsibility to inspect the truck before you enter into a rental deal. Get the help of a professional forklift mechanic to help you sift through available options and conduct the necessary inspections to discover the best pick. Accurate Forklift’s fleet of forklifts for rent receives regular service and timely repairs to make sure that you get value for your money by way of safety and operational efficiency.  You are welcome to take a look at available options and craft a customized forklift rental deal with our team.

Wrap up

Accurate Forklift Atlanta has all you need when it comes to large capacity forklift rentals. We are there to help you get the best truck for your needs under the most favorable terms. Go online or visit their office today to make your rental memorable. Whether you need electric, liquid propane, or diesel forklifts for rent, we have got you covered. We are also Atlanta's largest independent dealer of used forklifts and equipment, forklift parts and used forklift parts. Talk to us today to discuss your requirements and discuss available options. Call us at 770-692-1455 or simply email us at rentals@accurateforklift.net.

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