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We carry a wide range of forklift attachments to fit the Forklifts that we Sale and Rent. Not all of the attachments that we carry are listed on our website so be sure and call us or fill out our contact us page to inquire about any of the forklift equipment that we have on our website. We will be posting attachments as we get them ready to sale or rent so if you do not see the type of attachment that you need for your Forklift let us know and we will let you know if we have it available or coming available in the warehouse. We have attachments coming in and going out daily on rent so be sure and let us know.

cascade roll clamp

cascade forklift attachments
Cascade Paper Roll Forklift Attachment

Model # 90F-RCS-188
Serial # PTL-943623-4
Weight - 3221 lbs lbs



cascade single double attachment

cascade forklift attachments
Cascade Single-Double Forklift Attachment

Model # 25G-FDS-74D-0
Serial # SPR1174516-4
Forks - Class II New 42" Forks




cascade forklift attachments
Cascade 35D-MCS-202
Paper Roll Clamp

Model - R45F-RCP-03B
Serial - 1007000-T1
Capacity - 4500 LB
Specs - Class III Paper roll clamp - 10" - 51" opening - Painted and repaired



We also carry Slip Sheets and Pole attachments. Please let us know if you have any questions with any attachments that we carry. Please note that adding any type of equipment to any forklift takes away form the lift capacity of the forklift.

Ex: 5,000 Lift capacity with roll clamp attachment (3221 lbs.). Max lifting weight @ 24" center is 1,779 lbs

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