When you operate forklifts, it is important to consider securing a maintenance plan as it helps keep your trucks in the best operating condition and extend their life. While different forklift dealers in Atlanta and around the US offer different maintenance plans, they basically fall into two categories: full maintenance and planned maintenance. Both programs help you avoid downtimes, prevent expensive repair bills, and grant you the most out of your forklift investment. Accurate Forklift provides clients with important documentation that includes tracking dates of the truck maintenance schedule and detailed records of inspection and repairs. In this blog, we compare the two forklift maintenance programs: full vs planned. Read on.

Full Forklift Maintenance

Full forklift maintenance plans are designed to allow you to attend to your core business while the forklift service dealer takes care of the ongoing upkeep of material handling equipment. The plans feature all of the manufacturer’s-recommended periodic repairs and services for main parts breakdowns. The full forklift maintenance plan is charged at a fixed rate on a monthly basis.


  • The most common advantage of a full forklift maintenance plan is the flat monthly fee.  This allows you to easily budget running costs of your forklift fleet.
  • The program covers all repairs and service calls for normal wear and tear.
  • The forklift service dealer takes care of all the truck maintenance records such as dates of service, hours of usage, and repairs.
  • It boosts the resale value of the forklifts.

Planned Forklift Maintenance

While planned forklift maintenance programs do not include major periodic services such as breakdowns, they are designed to ensure that basic services are conducted on a regular basis. They don’t feature long-term agreements and cover labor and basic services such as detailed mechanical inspection, filter replacement, and engine oil changing. Planned forklift maintenance programs are a great choice for forklifts that operate for less than 15 hours a week (small operations).


  • The main advantage is flexibility as you only pay for forklift service when it’s performed, usually at a 250-hour interval.
  • The forklift service dealer will remind you when your forklift needs service.
  • It allows you to be involved in managing the repairs and costs of running your forklifts.

The Final Word

The information above is helpful when comparing different forklift maintenance packages to identify one that suits your operational needs. Accurate Forklift is a forklift dealer in Atlanta that caters to all service and maintenance requirements. For more information on available service packages or to discuss your requirements, simply call 770-692-1455 or email service@accurateforklift.net, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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