Experienced forklift operators will tell you how easy it is to loose control of your forklift operational costs, whether you own a fleet or rely on forklift rentals in Atlanta. You must identify ways and opportunities to maximize savings without compromising operations. This can only be achieved through monitoring the costs of running your forklift truck fleet and finding creative ways to cut overheads. You need to look at elements such as routing, operator behavior, and optimal utilization to drive savings. Providers of forklift rentals and forklifts for sale in Atlanta can help you get your forklift fleet management right.


Forklift operational costs may shoot up due to poor routing. To fix routing issues, implement routing that utilizes real time information from the fleet. Establish efficient and expedient routes to haul items. Make a list of your routing challenges and address the most pertinent as a matter of priority. There are various technologies you can use to improve your fleet routing and optimize inventory location, including supply chain management software and GPS.

Utilization Efficiency

Keeping a grip on forklift operational costs also entails ensuring efficient and effective utilization of the fleet. Eliminate all wasteful behaviors and practices by using telematic monitoring systems to access the best programs and applications for the purpose. The solution gives every user instant access to vital information such as maintenance management, fleet allocation, training information, and operator compliance.

Operator Behavior

Accidents in the warehouse or at job sites are costly to the business and often avoidable. Timely forklift repairs in Atlanta and staying on top of operator behavior are two of the best ways to reduce accidents. To regulate operator behavior, prohibit the use of electronic equipment such as phones to avoid distractions when operating a forklift truck. You must also enforce compliance, set speed limits, monitoring driving behaviors, and raising safety awareness.

Save More on Forklift Rentals and Sales

Although keeping a tab on operational costs gives you savings, you can also save immensely while getting good value for money when buying new or used forklifts to grow your fleet. Search for the best forklift rentals in Atlanta and engage in comparison shopping. You can also find the nation’s leading providers of forklifts for sale and forklift repairs in Atlanta. Get all your forklift oem parts from reputable dealers to eliminate downtimes and costly repairs.

3 thoughts on “Forklift Monitoring Tips to Reduce Costs”

  1. Taylor Anderson

    Thanks for mentioning that forklift operators should not be permitted to use their cell phones while on the forklift. My brother does a lot of warehouse work, so I’ve been wondering how to keep him safe. I’ll share this article with him, so he can drive forklifts more safely.

  2. It’s interesting that monitoring forklifts can be so important. It makes sense that it would help reduce costs! I’ll be sure to do that from now on.

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