Four Common Tips To Help You Choose A Used Forklift

Finding the right forklift for your operations requires specialized insight about the cost-effective and most productive option. Accurate Forklift offers different types of used forklifts for sale that are each suitable for different requirements. That is why it is important to know the best type of forklift for the intended application. Buying a used forklift gives you easy access to critical material handling equipment. The inventory of used forklift for sale includes types such as pallet jacks, counterbalance forklifts, side loaders, and reach fork trucks. Let’s look at some handy tips for choosing a used forklift.

Make sure the truck fits your application

The first thing you need to do is to define your applications in terms of the task it will be performing, how heavy the loads will be, and If it’s going to work indoors, outdoors, or both. Consider if there are any environmental restrictions such as height, fumes, or noise and how much space the truck will have to maneuver. You must consider all these aspects when choosing the right forklift. Accurate Forklift has specialized salespersons that can help you throughout the process to make sure you buy the correct truck.

Conduct proper inspection

A proper hands-on examination must be conducted by a mechanic and a qualified operator. Start with a visual inspection by checking for any rust, damage, and signs of underlying faults such as cracks and repair welding. Look for fluid leaks from the transmission, mast and tilt cylinders, engine, and radiator. It is recommended to check for leaks after the forklift is fully warmed up. Inspect the brakes and check if the forklift stops smoothly. This will help you in determining the cost of any repairs.

Check the data plate

The data plate is an important feature of any forklift as it shows you how much it can safely lift. Considering such information when you buy helps you ensure the safety of your operators and the workplace in general. The data on the plate should be fitted, legible, and correct. Keep in mind that when you are buying a forklift, the rated capacity should be higher than the maximum load you expect to lift and haul.

Take it for a test drive

The next step is to take the forklift for a road-test. Make sure a qualified operator takes it for a test drive which includes driving it in a tight figure-eight pattern in both front and reverse gears. The truck should have a quick response to the steering wheel and accurate tracking. You must also check the tires for uneven wear as this may be a sign of misalignment.

The final word

The above-listed common tips are just some of the considerations that you need to keep in mind when evaluating used forklifts for sale. Accurate Forklift offers a wide range of used forklift for sale in Atlanta from which you can take a pick. Talk to us today and get an attractive deal on an extensive range of used forklifts for sale. Just dial 770-692-1455 or email us at sale@accurateforklift.net.  You can also fill out our contact form

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