Just like regular vehicle tires, forklift tires are very important. But unlike ordinary vehicle tires, forklift tires are especially special due to the absence of a suspension. Driving over humps and turning introduces shock which is all absorbed by the tires, making the ride smooth for the operator and load. The damage to forklift tires is not always apparent on the surface but if unnoticed, can demand extra work from the truck and its operator. The truck’s fuel efficiency decreases, loads become unstable, and the truck jolts violently, among other issues. Accurate Forklift not only gives you access to forklifts for sale in Atlanta but spares, maintenance and repair services. Here are some of the signs that you need to replace your forklift tires. 

When they have cuts and cracks

A forklift tire that has developed cuts needs to be replaced as continued use risks deflation resulting in possible loss of balance due to load shifting. The development of cracks is another indicator that its time to replace your forklift tires. Cracks usually result from the tire coming into contact with debris or misuse leading to pieces of rubber falling off. 

When they show signs of wear

The 2-inch rule is the best guide to establishing whether or not the wear on your forklift tires demands replacement. According to this rule, a pneumatic tire should be replaced if it gets 2-inches less than its original measurements. As for cushion forklift tires, it’s time to replace is you notice significant balding or the wear gets too close to the 50% wear line. 

Over/Under Inflation

Over or under inflated tires are a cause for concern for any type of vehicle including forklifts. This is because overinflated tires have less contact with the road or floor significantly compromising traction, while underinflated tires make turning extremely hard and demand more physical exertion from the operator.  When maintaining the correct amount of pressure seems to be an issue, its time to go for replacement. 

Partner with Accurate Forklift!

Apart from staying on top of tire issues, you need to make sure that preventative maintenance is implemented and every issue is attended to as soon as possible. Partnering with a reputable company that provides top-self technical support services goes a long way in keeping your fleet functioning efficiently, safely, and for long. Accurate Forklift is your one-stop shop for all things forklifts. We offer great deals on forklifts for sale in Atlanta, as well as forklift service and repair. Call us today to discover available deals on forklifts for sale and rent, forklift parts including tires, and repair and maintenance services at 770 692 1455 or mail us on sales@accurateforklift.net

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