Natural disasters such as hurricanes are so powerful that they leave a lot of devastation in their wake. Apart from the loss of life and destruction of property, a lot of debris is left all over the affected area, hindering transport, communications, and recovery efforts in general. Forklifts can be a great help in times of such disasters by aiding the rescue and recovery efforts. Forklifts for sale come in various configurations, allowing you to get the best equipment for disaster recovery efforts. Here is some of the ways forklifts can help after natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

How forklifts can help

There are many ways that forklift can help with the relief and cleanup process after a natural disaster. These include but are not limited to:

  • Pulling boats out of the water and getting them to safety before the arrival of a hurricane.
  • Loading and offloading supplies of water, food, and supplies from relief trucks and tractors, ensuring a speedy delivery to affected people.
  • Extracting trapped cars, clearing fallen trees from the roads, and helping rescue efforts with any excavations
  • Providing a platform to rescue people at elevated positions.
  • Demolishing compromised buildings and structures to eliminate risk of collapse.

The sheer power and customization of forklifts makes them an invaluable tool before and after the occurrence of a natural disaster. They have a lot of potential to help with a lot of other tasks, whether onsite or in the field. The different attachments and accessories that they can work with makes them versatile and highly effective. This has made forklifts even more popular and highly in demand during hurricane season.

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