How to Identify and Handle Common Forklift Abuse Issues

Proper use and maintenance of forklift trucks is an issue that ranks in priority as it has safety and ROI implications. Installing oem forklifts parts and shunning DIY forklift accessories are some of the proven measures to ensure safety and real ROI on your investment. Most practices that result in compromised functionality, safety, and lifespan often go unnoticed as efforts are invested elsewhere. In this blog, we look at some of the issues on which you need to focus.

Operator Training

Lack of operator training renders the workplace unsafe and also results in significant damage to your forklift equipment. Make sure your forklift operators have access to regular and ongoing training that includes instruction on how to perform the crucial daily tests.


Tires are one of the most important forklift parts on which you must keep a constant check. Maximum performance results from using proper tires as any chunking or wear can have a direct impact on stability by compromising axle components, wheels, the operator, as well as the load.


Improper use of the inching paddle can result in significant damage to the transmission. Such practices must be shunned and discouraged as the only best time to ride an inch paddle is when approaching a load.


Check for signs or wear or damage to the forks as it compromises their ability to safely lift and haul loads. Practices such as dragging the forks across the floor or using worn tires have a devastating impact on the health of your forks.

Leverage technology

Apart from training, policies, and safety standards, you can also take advantage of technology to avoid or detect forklift abuse as well as enhance safe practices. Some of the technologies you can install include speed limiters and impact monitors.

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