Safety is an important aspect of forklift use whether it’s at a job site or in a warehouse. No effort must be spared in making sure that forklift are safe to operate, as any laxity can mean accidents, injuries, OSHA investigations, and even death. There are a number of ways the issue of safety is approached when working with forklifts. It starts with an assessment and choosing the right type of forklift for sale or forklift for rent for the work and environment at hand, routinely maintaining it, coming up with a policy regarding safety, and making use of checklists. Here is a look at the importance of using checklists when working with forklifts.

What is a forklift checklist?

Checklists come in different forms and serve various purposes. While a checklist used when shopping for forklifts for sale is meant to help establish the condition and value of the truck, especially when it comes to used forklifts and salvage forklift trucks for sale, the daily checklist aims to identify any issues before or after operations. Daily checklist are the subject of discussion in this blog as it is mainly concerned with ensuring safety.

What does a checklist entail?

Checks are performed daily before operations begin or at the end of each shift in the event that the trucks are used around the clock. The forklift is checked following steps laid down in the checklist to identify any problematic forklift parts, damage, and wear and tear. Any red flags must be reported immediately and action taken to repair the affected truck. This way, not only accidents are avoided, but OSHA penalties, and expensive repairs.

Why Use Checklists?

OSHA standards pertaining to powered industrial truck training make it mandatory for employers to provide training, including maintenance and inspection. Using checklists on a daily basis, among other efforts, helps you stay in line with the law, and avoid accidents and costly repairs. The advantages of identifying and fixing problems before they cause accidents or become worse are huge.

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