Proper training needs to be reinforced by appropriate safety signs to reduce or eliminate accidents. Protecting workers, subcontractors, and visitors is very important in every industry that employs powered industrial trucks. According to OSHA statistics, forklift accidents are responsible for a staggering 34,900 serious and 61,800 non-serious injuries every year. They also account for about 85 fatalities.

Semiotics Standards

There are two sets of standards that set out the best practices standards for the use of safety signs, markings, and labels.  They constitute modern methods of communicating risk and warning people in a warehouse or facility. The American National Standards Institute’s US Safety Sign Standards and the International Organization for Standards (ISO) standards on safety signs employs semiotics to come up with the best signs and placement.

Some of the Common Warehouse Safety Signs

Apart from employing safety signs that are directly related to forklifts such as forklift traffic signs, here are some signs that you must have in your facility when you buy forklifts for sale.

Trips, Slips, and Falls

If your warehouse or facility has areas where slips, trips, slips, and near misses often occur, it is important to put up warning signs if the threat cannot be eliminated. A cable in the path, a step down, or an uneven surface can be the cause of serious accident.

Electricity Warning

If there places where workers, subcontractors, or visitors can come into contact with high voltage electricity, it is mandatory to put up warning signs. It is one of the most cited OSHA violations and often leads to serious injuries and even death.

Flammable Substances Warning

If there are any flammable materials or substances such as your forklifts’ gas or propane, you must put up a warning sign that is clearly visible to all who come in that area.

Other Signs

Other signs that are a must in your warehouse or facility include biohazard warning, authorized personnel only, forklift parking, overhead height warning, as well as the exit sign.

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  1. That’s interesting that warehouses have to have different warning signs, like how they need one for steps, uneven surfaces, or if there’s a cable on the ground so that people won’t fall and cause a liability. My husband works in a warehouse and he was telling me about different signs he sees while working there so it got me curious. I wonder if there’s a company that sales safety signs.

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