Do your company operations require a lot of product handling, such as moving wood at construction sites, unloading crates of cargo from a container, or simply retrieving and packing goods in a warehouse. A forklift is a handy machine used in such scenarios on a daily basis to carry out the various tasks with ease. Although renting a forklift seems to be an affordable way out, it often proves to be costlier in the long run when compared to buying your own brand new or used forklift in Atlanta and other jurisdictions. Renting has the down-side of limiting the amount of time you can use the forklift. This eventually increases your cost of operations while lowering operational efficiency, making it prudent to purchase your own forklift. This post discusses the various elements you must consider when buying used forklifts to ensure that you get value for your investment, even if you want to add another forklift to an already existing fleet.

New or Used?

If you are thinking of purchasing a forklift,used forklifts make a great option owing to the many advantages that you stand to gain. This is advantageous in that the initial cost is greatly reduced without necessarily compromising on the quality of product. It is easy to find reputable dealers providing reliable forklifts for sale in places such as Atlanta. Since you would be getting a used forklift, you should be ready to also put in a little repair work or replacement of a few components to get it in tip-top working condition again. Make sure you conduct a thorough inspection of the forklift before purchasing. You may want to get a mechanic to check it for you, just like when you are buying a used car to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Ensure that the forklift does not have any major damages to the forks, mast and its rails. You must also check for any leakages and if the tires and the rest of the frame are in good shape. The cabin of the lift truck must be in a condition to protect the operator in case of a dropped load and the windows must not be broken.

Inspection and Other Considerations

When purchasing a forklift, you should consider which truck is suitable for you in respect of the maximum weight it can carry, power type- electric, diesel, LPG, or a dual fuel powered machine. Consider the environment in which you will be using the forklift, whether it is rough terrain or in a warehouse. Remember to consider the total number of hours the forklift has worked rather than its age. For example, you may get a 2010 forklift that has worked for at least 40 hours a week outdoors and a 2005 forklift which has been working for 6 hours a week. Go for a forklift with lesser operational hours as it will serve you efficiently for a longer time. Make sure to ask your supplier for a service record for the forklift truck to verify the machine’s working hours.

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  2. Thanks for the tip that it’s important to determine what kind of fuel would be needed when buying a used electric forklift. The kind of fuel would indeed factor in on how much budget should be allotted for it. I’m quite in a tight budget but I really need to buy one in order to have enough equipment on hand when I start my warehousing business soon.

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