Safety is a major area of focus and concern when it comes to the operation of forklifts whether in warehouses or job sites. We also help you keep your fleet fit for duty with top-shelf forklift repair and maintenance services in Atlanta. In this blog, we take a look at some of the mention-able safety practices that must be part of your work culture.

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Know the forklift trucks

One significant step towards promoting a safer work environment when working with forklift trucks to get a better understanding of the equipment. One way to do this is by appreciating the difference between conventional vehicles and forklift trucks. It is easy to forget their difference as they have a lot in common. Some of the differences include:

  • First and perhaps most important is the sheer weight of forklift trucks. While rough terrain trucks take the prize, lift trucks in general range from 9, 000 to 30, 000 pounds.
  • Forklift trucks also have a tighter turning radius
  • Whether loaded or not, they are prone to tipping over
  • They travel at a walking pace with speeds not reaching 20 miles per hour
  • They a 3-point suspension

Get Regular Safety Training

The risk of accidents, injury, or even death is greater when it comes to drivers who lack the requisite operator and safety training. All safety at cultivating safety in the warehouse or at job sites counts for naught in the absence of proper training. 

Master the basics of loading

Many accidents occur as a result of errors associated with loading. Your first concern must be with the dimensions and stability of the load. You can make sure everything is okay by walking squarely in front of the load when picking it up. Spread the forks before deploying them. It is always advisable to make sure that the load is centered and not above capacity. Another valuable practice is to tilt the forks slightly backward before lifting a load.

Know about the Stability Triangle

An unloaded truck has its own center of gravity while the load has its own. This results in a loaded truck having a different center of gravity that is a combination of the two. The stability triangle of a forklift truck derives from its three-point suspension wherein 2 are located at both ends of the front axle and the third at the center of the rear. Safety training teaches you to avoid errors that can lead to the disruption of the stability triangle leading to tip-offs and a host of the risks.

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