When you wish to perform repairs on a forklift, it is important to do what is called ‘equipment blocking.’ Safety is of paramount importance when operating or repairing a forklift. It is always advisable to go for professional repair services such as those provided by Accurate Forklift. You can also benefit from our forklift rental service in Atlanta while your forklift truck is undergoing the necessary repairs and maintenance. Here is a look at the blocking procedure for internal combustion forklift trucks using apparatus such as jack stands, wheel stands, and blocks of wood. 

A word of caution

You must avoid the use of overhead chains or another forklift as the main support for the truck undergoing repairs. You should also never use a forklift jack as the truck’s main support. It is always important to make sure that the forklift truck is properly blocked and supported under the frame before working under it. Make sure you are working on a solid, even, and level surface and you have blocks that meet safety standards as well as steel plates to put on top.

Blocking procedure

A truck’s center of gravity whenever a forklift that is mounted on blocks has some of its major parts removed. These include the mast, Engine, Counterweight, transmission, and drive axle. That is why you need to place additional blocks in the following positions:

  • Under the counterweight before removing the drive axle or mast so the forklift doesn’t tip backward.
  • Under the mast assembly before removing the counterweight to keep the forklift from tipping forward

Raising drive tires

  • Place blocks front and back on both sides of the steering wheel
  • Position the mast vertically and put a block under its channel
  • Raise the drive tires from the surface by tilting the mast fully-forward
  • Put more blocks behind the drive tires under the frame and not on the fuel or hydraulic tanks.

If the forklift has a problem with hydraulics, you can use a hydraulic jack with at least one-and-a-half times the forklift’s capacity by placing it under the frame near the front.

Raising the steer wheels

  • Apply the park brake and put blocks front and back on both sides of the drive tires
  • Raise the steer wheels using a hydraulic jack that has at least two-thirds the capacity of the forklift. Place it under the steer axle and frame
  • Put blocks under the counterweight and frame and not the hydraulic and fuel tanks.

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