The forklift and conveyor manufacturing industry is worth a staggering $31+ Billion every year and the figures are expected to rise considerably in future. The industry employs around 100 000 people and features big names such as Toyota, Caterpillar, and Hyster. You can find all the best forklifts for sale in Atlanta, whether new, used, or salvage. In this brief read, we look at the various applications of forklift trucks across industries in moving large and heavy items.


Although small warehouse operations can manage without a forklift, large operations demand the best forklifts for the job. Warehouses can choose from the various styles and sizes from forklifts for sale in Atlanta. The forklift trucks can offer range from pedestrian operated to large driver operated models. They serve myriad purposes and include but are not restricted to pallet trucks and shelf stackers. There are also a number of forklift attachments that are popular with warehouse operators when performing specific tasks.


Forklift trucks were first used to load and unload barges and ships during the second world war. Since then, they have gone through lots of transformation and now work to haul huge containers from delivery trucks to dockyard storage, and ultimately to ships. They are super quick and efficient and also relied upon for the hauling and offloading of shipments.

Construction sites

Forklift trucks are also a common feature at construction sites, where they haul heavy building materials. They provide the functionalities of a truck and lifting equipment, which in some instances is replaced with truck mounted forklifts to haul the materials over great distances and even rough terrain. Truck mounted forklifts are widely used in a variety of configurations such as in bucket lifts.

Other Uses

Various attachments enable forklifts to perform specialized tasks such as dust mopping, and wet, or dry sweeping warehouses, parking lots, and dock floors. A plow attachment can also be added to get rid of snow and dirt piles. Our forklifts for sale in Atlanta feature a wide range of forklifts for every requirement. We also provide top shelf forklift repair services in Atlanta for all popular forklift makes. Call us today to discuss your requirement and get the best options and deals on your next forklift truck.

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  1. Nowadays forklifts are widely used in industries where the load is needed to move indoor or outdoor. There are many different forklift types, each carefully designed for specific applications and each offering its own unique set of benefits and features. I appreciate the information you have shared. Keep posting such posts.

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