The availability of many different types of forklifts for sale makes it important to choose the right type for your requirement. Productivity, efficiency, and safety are greatly influenced by the quality of choice you make. To help you better understand the choices available to you when you go looking for a forklift for rent or sale, we look at the different classes of forklifts.

Class I – Electric Motor Rider Trucks

Class I forklifts are mainly designed as stand options with the battery acting as a counterbalance. They are great for tight spaces and especially handling pallets or loading and unloading tractor trailers. They have zero emissions and noise, and are extremely versatile.

Class II – Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Truck

If you wish to expand your racking space while maintaining the warehouse footprint, Electric motor narrow aisle forklift are the best choice. They are also largely available as stand up options. The class includes order pickers and reach trucks, which are best for picking and storing inventory.

Class III – Electric Motor Hand Trucks or Hand/ Rider Trucks

Also known as Pallet Jacks, these trucks are available in rider and walk-behind options. They are great for unloading items and relocating them to a staging area in short runs. They can only lift items a few inches from the ground.

Class IV – Internal Combustion Trucks (Solid/Cushion Tires)

These trucks run on LP or diesel and feature solid or cushion tires, which make them ideal for indoor use. They are great for hauling items to and fro storage and loading dock and are suitable for areas that allow low ground clearance. They are cheaper than electric forklifts and require less time refueling, among other advantages.

Class V – Internal Combustion Trucks (Pneumatic Tires)

These versatile trucks can handle anything from pallets to loaded containers. Although they can be used in large warehouses, they are meant for outdoor use and can also use hard pneumatic tires for specific applications. They can use LP, diesel, gas, and CNG, and are also available in single or double back-wheel options depending on your requirement.

Class VI & VII

Class VI comprises Electric and Internal combustion Tractors designed for pulling and hauling loads. Class VII features rough terrain forklift trucks that are commonly used at construction sites and lumberyards.

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