Almost 50 percent of forklift truck operators complain of neck pain at one point or the other as compared to 30 percent of office workers. Forklift operators usually have to extend their necks when loading and unloading on high-level shelves in the warehouse. They also have to rotate their heads repeatedly when reversing, lean to the side to get a better view. The pain is a result of extended unnatural neck positions. Recent studies have confirmed the increased risk of neck pain associated with being a forklift operator and also come up with proposals to mitigate the situation by way of adjusting work tasks, improving work schedules, as well as the design of forklift trucks. Accurate Forklift is a leading forklift dealer company that can help you solve some of the issues we are going to discuss such as by supplying ergonomic parts.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulders can get strained from repetitive motion, steering, and operating the hydraulic controls. To keep shoulder pain at bay:

  • Use a seat with an armrest
  • Stretch regularly
  • Keep elbows in when working
  • Maintain handshake position as oppose to palm down operation of controls

Neck and Back Pain

Poor work habits and work environment can lead to neck and back pain. Sitting for extended periods, poor posture, and whole body vibration are some of the chief culprits. Shaking and jolting of the body can result in neck and back pain. What you can do is:

  • Employ an air suspension seat
  • Reduce your speed
  • Avoid traveling on uneven surfaces whenever you can
  • Take periodic breaks to stretch
  • Use the backrest
  • Always make sure that your seat is properly adjusted before starting work
  • Avoid assuming a slumping position to reach the controls

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, and forearms may be the result of musculoskeletal injuries from repetitive movement and jerking. Employing ergonomic seats go away long way to keep away or reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

Last Word

You must also protect your knees by using knee braces and never jumping off the forklift truck. Make sure the forklift truck is serviced regularly to avoid a situation where problems develop that demand operators to exert themselves physically more than they have to when operating the lift truck. Accurate Forklift is your trusted partner when looking to rent a forklift in Atlanta or buy a used forklift in Atlanta We are a leading dealer company with a huge range of forklift makes and capacities to cater to unique requirements. Call us today at 770 692 1455 to discuss your requirement and get answers to all your questions.

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