When you find yourself low on budget for a brand-new forklift, it can be beneficial for your business and operations to consider used forklifts for sale at Accurate Forklift in Atlanta. We have a huge inventory of used forklifts including electric forklifts, and they are all available at affordable prices. While it can be an amazing avenue to find amazing deals and save a lot of money, our used forklifts offered to businesses in Atlanta and surrounding areas are inexpensive and usually well taken care of. However, it is important for fleet managers to know what to look for when buying used forklifts for sale in Atlanta. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we share the precautions you need to take when buying used forklifts in Atlanta.

  1. Learn about the history of the forklift

To get started, it is important to learn about the history of the used forklift for sale you intend to invest in. make sure you ask for records that help you to know the real history of the forklift including the maintenance records. Also, run a VIN test to know if the used forklift was involved in an accident or if it has any significant damage. While this helps your business avoid expensive repairs, here at Accurate Forklift we offer good working used forklifts with a clean history.


  1. 2. Hours In Operation

When the used forklift is operating well and serving its purpose, fleet managers should not be concerned about its age. Instead, it is important to consider the total number of hours the forklift has been in operation when buying a used forklift for sale. Our professional specialists advise businesses to consider used forklifts that have not been heavily overworked, as they provide a high return on your investment.

  1. Leaks And Fluids

Before buying used forklifts, fleet managers should assess the condition of the equipment and if possible, with the help of a professional mechanic. Pay special attention to oil stains when inspecting the used forklift as these can be signs of oil leaks and this may affect your operations or cause costly repairs. Also, if you notice any signs of fluid contamination or metal particles it can be a red flag that your engine may have problems. This is why it is important to make sure that the condition of the engine oil is acceptable and this is possible with the help of professionals. A professional mechanic can inspect the used forklift you intend to buy so that you can find out the reason behind the issues and provide solutions.

Call the leading provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta

Buying a new forklift can prove to be a huge investment that requires more money, this is why most businesses opt for well-maintained used forklifts for sale at Accurate Forklift. While this is widely regarded as a cost-effective solution, considering our forklift fleet helps businesses to save money and have access to a range of used forklifts for sale at affordable prices. What makes us different from our competitors is the huge size of our inventory, user-friendly platform, hassle-free shipping solutions, and positive customer testimonials. To get more information on our used forklift for sale in Atlanta, feel free to contact our team at 770-692-1455 or email us at sales@accurateforklift.net.

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