Optimum productivity, efficiency, and productivity demand that your forklifts be in the best working condition all the time. That is why religious maintenance of your forklift fleet is very important. Accurate Forklift provides forklift maintenance and repair services in Atlanta to help you keep your forklifts in the best shape. We also provide forklifts for rent in Atlanta to help mitigate the effects of any maintenance or repair requirement. We also provide a full range of new forklift parts, used forklift parts, and salvage forklift parts for sale. Here are 3 pressing forklift repair requirements that take the cake in terms of importance.


This is perhaps pretty obvious, as you can’t do any work with a forklift that won’t start. Common issues behind a forklift that will not start include a dead or damaged battery, and overheated engine. If the battery is ok, check the fluid levels and see whether or not the radiator ports are blocked.


If the forklifts starts well, the operator must be able to easily manoeuvre it to take it where it has to go and carry out the necessary work. A failure or difficulty, or erratic steering needs to be diagnosed and fixed immediately. One common reason behind steering issues is fluid levels or leaks. If the fluid levels are fine, contact Accurate Forklift to get other issues such as gears, linkage checked.


At the heart of a forklift’s functionality, is its ability to lift and haul items. This makes your forklift’s ability to lift as important as being able to start or steer. Problems with lifting or lowering, erratic operation, and being too slow or fast significantly impact productivity and safety in the warehouse or at job sites. Check the mast’s hydraulic fluid levels and chain as they are the usual suspects.

We Can Help

If your forklift needs fixing or routine maintenance, Accurate Forklift is here to help. We are a reputable provider of forklift repair and service in atlanta including forklift parts for sale in atlanta. We provide forklifts for rent in Atlanta to help you cut losses during downtimes and also cater to emergency needs. Call us today to discuss your requirement and get answers to all your questions. Just dial 770-692-1455 or email to service@accurateforklift.net or sales@accurateforklift.net.

2 thoughts on “Pressing Forklift Repair Needs that Rank in Priority”

  1. My boss is going to be getting some forklifts to help us with moving shipments, and it’s good to know what to look for in terms of what immediately needs repair in a forklift. We’re going to be renting, so we won’t be as familiar with the forklifts as with some other equipment in the shipping department, so it’ll be important for us to keep an eye on them and make sure we catch issues early, especially if there is a problem with steering as you said. We’ll be sure to check the fluid like you said if we have any trouble with the steering, and it’s good to know that it should maneuver easily.

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