If you need to haul heavy materials or objects a forklift is the best choice of equipment. Forklift rental services from Accurate Forklift gives you an opportunity to get the best equipment for your requirement at affordable rates when looking for forklift rental services in Atlanta. What remains important despite where you rent your forklift is to know how to inspect it before you sign the contract or take delivery.

Who needs forklift rental services?

There are many reasons why you may need to rent a forklift. These include but are not necessarily limited to when:

  • Your requirement is temporary
  • You don’t have enough capital to buy one
  • Your requirement demands different types of forklifts at different stages
  • You need a different forklift for a specific task from what you have in your fleet

Inspecting your forklift for rent

The least you can do before accepting any equipment from a forklift rental service is to check a few vital parts to make sure that it is both, safe and performing optimally. Here is what you need to look at:


Tires are a very important part of the forklift truck. Their condition impacts safety and performance making it important to check them for wear and tear as well as the right amount of pressure.


Take time to look under the hood of the forklift truck for rent. Pay special attention to its general condition, fluids, filters, and battery.


Check the forks for cracks, bends, and other imperfections that can negatively impact performance. Bring any issues to the attention of your forklift rental service to make sure they are fixed, you get a replacement, or in the least, they are noted.

Operator controls

The operator controls have a direct impact on whether or not the forklift for rent can execute the desired tasks flawlessly. Test the controls, brakes, lights, seat, seat belt, and other elements.

Lift chains

Check the chain for any damaged or missing pins and links. Also inspect the hoses that run parallel to the chain for leaks and the mast channels for cracks.

Contact the best forklift rental services provider

There are a few other areas that you have to check when you go for forklift rental services in Atlanta including the fuel type, counterweight bolts, exhaust guard, and overhead guard and frame. Accurate Forklift provides one of the best forklift rental services in Atlanta. Contact us today to discuss your requirement or get the forklift that you need at affordable rates. We provide a comprehensive selection of forklifts types from top brands and the support services to make sure that you never go without all the relevant forklift sales and rental technical support. Call us today at 770-692-1455.

3 thoughts on “Pro Tips on Inspecting your Rental Forklift”

  1. I need to rent a forklift to move some stuff around my property. It makes sense that I would want to ensure that the tires are in good condition! That way I don’t have to worry about them tearing.

  2. I appreciate you sharing some tips for inspecting your rental forklift such as making sure that the tires are in good working condition. It is important to make sure that the tires of your rental forklift are properly inflated to ensure a smoother and safer operation. You may want to refer to the manual for additional reference. If I were to rent heavy equipment services, I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.

  3. I want to make sure that my forklift is taken care of. It makes sense that checking the brakes would be important! That way I can ensure that it can stop properly.

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