There is need to curb the high number of accidents that occur among the approximately 1 million forklifts that are in operation in the US each year. OSHA data reveals that every year, 100 lives are lost and another approximately 20,000 are seriously maimed in forklift-related accidents. When you are looking for Forklifts for sale remember that they come in different types and sizes but all require that the utmost attention be paid to safety. In this blog, we look at some of the most dangerous forklift dangers.

People getting crushed

Victims getting crushed by trucks is one of the common accidents cited by OSHA. The sheer weight of a forklift makes it dangerous and responsible for many deaths around the country. To prevent such types of accidents,

  • Forklifts must carry passengers only if a seat is provided
  • No-one must ever ride on the forks
  • The operator and any passengers must remain seated and use seat belts at all times
  • Operators must first familiarize with new routes and check for any hazards

Workers getting struck down

Pedestrians are sometimes struck down by forklifts or objects triggered by the trucks with fatal consequences. To mitigate this risk,

  • Create dedicated aisles for foot traffic
  • Try as much as possible to segregate forklift and pedestrian traffic
  • Protect workstations, equipment, and other components through strategic location or use of physical barriers
  • Make sure operators adhere to safe driving practices and regulations
  • Qualified personnel must routinely conduct workplace safety inspections
  • Consider using overhead dome mirrors and other such measures to improve visibility around blind corners and intersections
  • Limit forklift traffic near exits, break rooms, and other areas that see high pedestrian activity

Forklift Turning Over

Forklifts can easily overturn if the load is not balanced properly, the forks are too high, or the load exceeds capacity. To stem such accidents,

  • Make sure the load doesn’t exceed the forklift’s stated capacity (Discuss the nature of your work with a dealer when you go hunting for forklifts for sale or forklifts for rent)
  • Make sure the load is well balanced and stable
  • Reduce speed when turning
  • Before making turns, make sure the rear end has enough room to manoeuvre
  • Avoid adjusting the fork height while on the move
  • Stabilize the load by tilting the forks backwards
  • Exercise particular caution on ramps and grades

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