Whenever it comes time to replace your forklifts or grow your fleet, it is always important to reevaluate your requirement. While going for the same type of forklifts for sale as the one in your fleet may seem logical, you must take this opportunity to evaluate your options again in light of your operators’ experiences. One of the considerations that often take center stage is the choice between sit down forklifts and stand up forklifts. To help you with your buying decision, we take a closer look at the 2 options.


If your need is typically a high volume application, sit down forklifts may serve your need better as they can travel faster and lift heavier loads. This gives you the much-desired increased productivity and throughput.

Lifting capacity

Although four-wheel electric forklifts give you more lift overall, a 3-wheel of comparative base capacity will give you less lift at greater heights when compared to a stand-up option.

Operator On/Off

You must consider the distances that operators have to travel, whether they are long or multiple short runs. Stand up forklifts give you increased productivity for multiple short runs. Operators can also easily turn in any direction, reducing the amount of stress they experience.

Operator input

A decision on which forklifts for sale best suite your requirement can never be informed without consulting the forklift operators. Talk to forklift operators about their experiences and get their preferences between sit down and stand up forklifts.

Cost and maintenance

Another indispensable consideration of that of cost and maintenance. Stand up forklifts will typically cost you more than sit down trucks. You must also consider the availability of forklift parts and forklift service, among other running costs. However, never compromise on aspects such as type and capacity of forklift because of monetary savings.

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