It is important to always be in a position to anticipate, prevent, and notice red flags in due time to avoid accidents, downtimes, and financial loss in the warehouse. While focusing on the big issues is ok, it is often the small things which escape your attention that eat away at safety and productivity around the workshop. Something as simple as missing forklift service schedules can have an adverse impact on your operations. Proactive management also demands that you deploy a system that stays on top of what is on target. Here are a few tips to help see you through.

Proactive management

Take advantage of performance indicators to know where the warehouse stands and isolate any red flags. This means you have to prioritize performance measurement in your warehouse management efforts. Measurement of KPIs should emphasize more on those areas that have a zero tolerance to break downs.

Some of the warehouse KPIs include:


This includes elements such as inventory turnover, inventory to sales ratio, inventory accuracy, and carrying cost of inventory. You also need to measure elements that comprise product availability, product damage, order entry, and order fill and errors.


Forklifts are giant powerful machines and it is by no accident that they are the sixth most cited violation for 2016 according to OSHA. Such violations translate into extra costs on the warehouse operations and often cover aspects such as:

Forklift service must be done according to schedule and forklift oem parts used all the time. You can get used and new forklift parts from Accurate Forklift.

Accurate Forklifts can help

Accurate Forklift is your trusted partner when it comes to forklift service, forklift repair, forklift rental, and access to affordable new forklifts parts. We can also help you with information you need to improve safety around the warehouse or job site. Call us today to discuss your requirements at 770-692-1455.

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  1. I think safety is important for any industry that uses heavy machinery like forklifts. I like your point about maintaining your forklift and other machinery. Scheduling a forklift service to replace parts sounds like a great way to avoid injuries.

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