Forklifts are very important pieces of equipment that make operational tasks easy and jobs faster. It is important to see to it that the equipment receives proper and religious maintenance to keep it running, operating optimally, and give it longevity. Proper maintenance also helps keep expensive repairs at bay. Whether you have an in-house team of mechanics or you are partnering with a forklift repair services provider in Atlanta such as Accurate Forklift, make sure that there is no sub-standard work and only forklift OEM parts are used. Here are some of the elements that must go into your forklift maintenance regimen. 

Check tires on a regular basis

Checking tires is an important part of any maintenance regimen. The first thing you want to check is the tire pressure as under or over-inflation are both problematic as they expose you to accidents and high gas costs. Underinflation means less traction while over-inflation can damage the tires or even cause tire bursts. 

Check your brakes for safety

Forklift brakes should never be compromised as such a development could easily spell disaster. That is why it is always vital to make sure that all issues pertaining to the brakes are resolved as soon as possible. Brakes can be affected by regular wear and tear and will also soften over time requiring more physical exertion to get them working.   

Change oil and fluids regularly

A forklift makes use of a variety of fluids to function properly. These include hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, coolants, and motor oil which help in the working of moving parts. It is recommended to change the fluids every 3 months as this helps in giving the forklift longevity and optimum utilization. The approach and importance are pretty much the same as with your car or any other vehicle.

Last Word

You must also include other elements such as checking antifreeze levels and ensuring that forks are still straight. Partnering with accurate Forklift for your forklift repair in Atlanta frees you to concentrate on your core business while working with a team of seasoned forklift technicians on friendly terms. We offer forklifts sales and rentals as well as forklift services in Atlanta for all makes and models. Our team of experts is always available to discuss your requirement and answer your questions. Call us today at 770-692-1455 or email us at service@accurateforklift.net.

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