One of the most common cost-effective solutions for your business is to buy a used forklift truck, as opposed to purchasing a brand new one. This solution enables your company to have the equipment it requires to handle daily operations and grow, without spending too much money. However, it is important to thoroughly check the quality and condition of the used forklifts in Atlanta and assess their longevity value.

This is why at Accurate Forklift we offer some of the good workings used forklifts in Atlanta and we have professional specialists that help clients to look for any potential issues that may cause more problems later down the line. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we share things to look for when buying a used forklift for sale in Atlanta.


When buying a used forklift for sale, it is important to consider the age of the truck as one of the main things as this may help you know if the value of the forklift is still worth its condition. This is because as time goes by the quality will be decreasing, resulting in a price reduction.    Also, with the help of a reliable basis that the value of the forklift can depreciate up to 15% per year, on average, this may help you come up with the right forklift decision.

Usage History

When buying a used forklift for sale, it is important to consider the usage history. This will help clients avoid purchasing a forklift that has been operating for more than its recommended hours by its former users, on the other hand, clients may be able to get a model that has been only used for about 7-8 hours daily, then choosing it over the overused one is great. As we know cheaper forklifts can mean settling for less, as a trusted forklift dealer in Atlanta, we offer clients worthy used forklifts.

Maintenance Track record

Another thing to look for when buying a used forklift for sale is the maintenance track record of any past tasks. This is why all our used forklift trucks have a certificate to show that a thorough examination has taken place. Our professional specialists will show clients this certificate before purchasing a used forklift to double-check.

Parts Availability for Used Forklifts

When buying a used forklift for sale it is important to consider the availability of replacement forklift parts, depending on how much you intend to use the forklift. At  Accurate Forklift, we have specialists who are trained to provide any information on how easy it is to order parts for a certain unit and how often parts go obsolete for a particular manufacturer

Find the Perfect Used Forklift In Atlanta

If you are looking for a used forklift for sale in Atlanta for your business, then your search ends here. At Accurate Forklift we have a wide range of used material handling tracks we have in stock and call our professional specialists for a quote. Some of the major brands we have include Hyundai, Yale, Toyota, Raymond, Crown, Hyster Nissan, and Caterpillar.

Our team of specialists is here to assist clients to find the used forklift that meets their business requirements and your budget.

If you want to know more about our available forklifts in Atlanta, give us a call at 770-692-1455 or click the link below to get a free quote now!

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