Forklifts are made up of countless parts most of which play very crucial roles. This makes it important to make sure that all forklift parts that you install, are not only originals but in good shape. One great way to find OEM options is to buy used forklift parts as they are a mecca even for hard to find and expensive models. Accurate Forklift offers used forklifts and used forklift parts for sale for all the popular forklift brands. Apart from making sure to buy used OEM parts that come with a warranty, you need to make sure they are what you need. In this blog, we focus on tips on choosing the best forklift tires whether new or used. 

Why Forklift Tires?

Tires are a very important component of every type of vehicle but more for those involved in material handling. Using the correct tires goes a long way in boosting efficiency and productivity. Another reason forklift tires deserve special mention is owing to the fact that they are usually neglected in most warehouses and at job sites. 

Choosing the Best Tires

A few considerations must go into the process of choosing the best tires for your forklift. These are: 


You must consider the amount of work the forklift carries out on a typical day. Is it an integral part of your operations or just an occasional participant. 


The weight of the loads to be hauled and lifted by the forklifts is an important consideration despite the trucks being designed for heavy hauling and lifting. This is because not all forklifts and requirements are made the same 


When it comes to mobility, you need to consider whether your forklift operates in narrow spaces or needs to negotiate tight turns regularly. 


Consider the environment within which the forklifts are going to operate. Is it indoors, outdoors, or both. 

Tire Types

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires are great for rough terrain and heavy workloads but are demanding in terms of maintenance

Cushion Tires

Cushion Tires are great for indoor lightweight work that is preferably infrequent. 

Talk To Accurate Forklift 

Accurate Forklift is the place to be when looking to buy used forklift parts or get premium repair and maintenance services. We cater to every requirement from single forklift operations to large forklift fleets. Our team of experts is always standing ready to help you with your requirement and answer all your questions. Call us today at 770-692-1455 or mail to sales@accurateforklift.net.

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