Forklift trucks are an integral part of any operation that features material handling prominently. It goes without saying that proper forklift maintenance is an indispensable part of any profitable operation free from accidents, downtimes, premature wear and tear of equipment, and expensive repairs. The engine is the focus of most maintenance efforts as it cannot be simply replaced like a battery in the event of a problem.  Established Atlanta forklift dealers like Accurate Forklift can help you with all your forklift maintenance and repair requirements by customizing a deal that appeals to your requirements and budget. To help you get your forklift engine maintenance on point, we share some of the things to remember. 

What is the right time to service a forklift?

Not every ‘expert’ recommendation pertaining to when you need to perform forklift maintenance is true. While some will recommend carrying out forklift maintenance at specific time intervals, it actually makes more sense to do so based on usage. When you carry out maintenance based on usage, it can be expressed as key hours or pedal hours, where the former rises with every hour the ignition is turned on and the latter does so whenever the operator steps on the deadman pedal. 

Internal Combustion Forklift Maintenance

The parts of a combustion engine forklift need to receive service at different intervals. 

Usage Service
50 Hours Grease all fittings
100 Hours/90 Days, whichever comes first Overall Forklift review
200 Hours Full Service*: Change oil, air, and fuel filters. Change Oil & Grease lube points
500 Hours Service the hydraulic system. Change filters and hydraulic oil

  *Full Service also entails:

  • Drain the oil, replace the filter and refill with new oil
  • Check the cooling system
  • Check the induction system
  • Check all belts
  • Check all fluids (transmission, brake, and hydraulic)
  • Check all valves
  • Adjust clutch and inching pedal and park brake linkages
  • Lube linkages on U-Joint, battery-bracket pivot, hood hinges, side panel, and tilt & lift levers, among others. 

Electric Forklift Engine Maintenance

The existence of fewer parts in electric forklifts means they don't need as much maintenance as internal combustion engines. This does not mean that they don’t require checking to make sure everything is working as it should. The focus of most routine checks and maintenance for electric forklifts is the battery. 

OSHA Rules and Standards

Section 1910. 178 (q): Maintenance of Industrial Trucks is the part of OSHA Rules and Guidelines that pertain to the maintenance of forklift and other equipment at job sites. The section stipulates forklift conditions below which every truck must either be repaired or replaced. It is also required that all repairs to carried out by trained and authorized personnel. The manufactures’ instructions must form the basis of every maintenance program that is to be followed religiously. That is why it makes sense to partner with an Atlanta forklift dealer that has a well-oiled team of experienced technicians to take care of your fleet’s maintenance and repair requirements. Apart from the savings that you stand to gain from accessing a team of experts and all the necessary technology without having to invest in the same in-house, timely and proper maintenance and repair also keep away accidents, downtimes, and premature equipment wear and tear. 

Talk to Accurate Forklift

Accurate Forklift offers all the popular forklift types, makes and models to warehouses and various job sites in Atlanta and around the country. Our forklifts for sale and rent are backed by comprehensive maintenance and repair services that can be customized to suit your unique needs. Whatever your requirements, our team of experts is always waiting to iron out a deal and answer all your questions. We are your number one choice when it comes to Atlanta forklift dealers offering forklifts for sale and rent as well as maintenance and repair services.

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  1. It’s interesting to know that fewer parts in electric forklifts will mean they don’t need as much maintenance. My husband is thinking about buying a forklift for his warehouse, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of electric forklifts to help his decision.

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