Forklifts are very important to the operations of warehouses, construction sites, and a host of other industries. They are indispensable for operations that require the lifting and hauling of heavy materials. Although forklifts are strong and durable, they require regular maintenance and repair to extend their life and avoid downtimes and expensive repairs. Partnering with a forklift dealer that provides professional forklift repair services in Atlanta or anywhere in the country helps ensure that your forklift will stay in tip-top condition. In this blog, we take a look at three common forklift repairs and how to fix them. Read on.

1. Steering Issues

Most forklifts are not easy to operate in tight spaces. This can cause steering problems which can lead to accidents and material damage. That is why it is important to keep the steering in good working conditions every time. It can be a bit difficult to notice steering problems. The first warning sign is strange noises that occur when turning the wheels of a loaded truck. This usually indicates rust in the steering system or the hydraulics that regulates steering pressure. Loose pressure valves, worn gears, low steering liquid level, and misaligned tires are some of the issues that can lead to steering problems.  Most steering problems require an experienced forklift mechanic to repair. If the steering liquid level is low, you should top it off. 

2. Mast Issues

The mast is a frame on a forklift that performs the lifting, lowering, and tilting. It consists of a fork and a carriage that carries loads which are attached to the mast. The hydraulic piston in the center of the mast powers the carriage using hydraulic power to lift loads. Loads are lifted in multiple stages, a configuration that may lead to many problems such as not lifting or lowering properly, jerky lifting or lowering, and slow lifting. If you encounter any of these problems, first, check the level of the hydraulic fluid and confirm if it is not low. Secondly, inspect the chain sections for any cracks, bents, rust, twists, and stretches.

3. Starting Issues

A forklift with starting problems delays operations and is costly to run. More time will be spent on trying to get it to run rather than getting the job done. For an electric forklift, the troubleshooting starts with the battery. Check for the battery charging level and ascertain if it was charged correctly. Use the brakes, lights, and other auxiliary functions to confirm if the battery is working properly. Change the battery if it is not responding to charging.  As for internal combustion forklift, starting problems may arise if fuel has been sitting in the fuel tank for long, you have a leak, or if you do not have ample oil in the engine. You may also have to check the battery.

Wrap Up

The aforementioned problems can be avoided by regular maintenance and inspecting your forklift on a daily basis. Forklift dealers have professional mechanics that know how to deal with repair issues. Search online for a reputable forklift repair service in Atlanta that offers maintenance and repair services at affordable prices. You should partner with a forklift dealer whose forklift repair service is known for fast response times and excellent work.

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