Although forklift operation and safety training is important, it remains critical to keep finding ways to eliminate accidents around jobsites and warehouses. There are many ingenious ways to make sure that accidents are reduced or eliminated, apart from training, maintenance, and replacing forklift parts. One sure way to work towards a safer environment is to gain a better understanding of the different accidents that are prone to occur around forklifts, like through their classification. Let’s look at the four different categories of forklift accidents in greater detail.


A great number of forklift accidents arise due to behavioral and operational factors. Operators must stem behavioral and operational issues such as excessive speeds, improper turns, excessive loads, and failure to communicate with people around them.

Work organization

You must stay on top of issues such as forklift and operator assignments, hiring of qualified and experienced operators, and the working conditions of the operators. Make sure they are not fatigued or stressed as a natural consequence of work organization as this increases the risk of accidents.

Load characteristics

The nature of loads being hauled also has a bearing on safety. That is why forklift operators must avoid loads that block their vision, are unstable, exceed forklift capacity, or are poorly stacked. The pallets must also be in a good condition.

Workplace design

You must always act to mitigate the occurrence of accidents in high risk areas such as high traffic areas; crowded, narrow, and cluttered aisles; and conditions characterized by dust, noise, toxic gases, insufficient lighting, and liquid spillages. It is also important to have deliberate workplace design around pedestrian traffic. Whatever the design, it must ensure that pedestrians don’t wander into areas that feature heavy forklift traffic or poor visibility.

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  1. I like that you explained the importance of hiring experienced professionals that are capable of handling forklifts. My uncle needs to find someone that can safely use a forklift for his home renovation project. I’ll let him know that he should find someone that will get the job done safely.

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